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Loan confusssion?

How do I release a co-signer from my student loan if I don’t meet the requirments in order to release them, are there other options other than, make payments 24 months in a row, or refinance, or get another co-signer?

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2 Responses to "Loan confusssion?"

  1. faspecialist says:
    If you don’t meet the lender requirements to release your co-signer you should consider loan consolidation. I am unaware of any other way to get the co-signer released and I am a specialist in financial aid.
  2. John says:
    Based on my experience, if you dont meet the lenders co signer release option, your co signer is on the hook until you make the required number of payments. You could possibly apply for another private loan with a different cosigner and then pay off this one. But you cant refinance this loan. This will cause another hit on your credit and possibly lower your credit score depending on how long ago you apply for the original loan. Good luck

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