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Loan Modification and its programs

As the news has already made it clear, currently there are two significant stories making and breaking records in the scenario of loan modification. The first story is that some policymakers are not at all happy with the present loan modification programs and are belligerent to end them quickly. The other story is that Mortgage service providers have to pay $ 20 billion as civil settlement mortgage.

Loan modification lawyers play a vital role at the time of loan modification application. In fact, Loan modification attorney is the one who can provide some relief in mortgage situation. With so much happening around the globe especially in loan modification, there is a hell lot of information that still needs to be explored. Let us see how loan modification can affect your own mortgage position.

Policymakers do not look too happy with the current number of loan modification programs. They state that most of these programs are unsuccessful.

Loan modification programs

There is no doubt that these loan modification programs are created to help homeowners with underwater mortgage because of decline in home prices. Some popular Loan modification programs created in past years:

HOPE program: HOPE program is to assist homeowners with underwater mortgage by giving them detailed debt management information to the homeowners and foreclosure and credit counseling. HOPE program is going to end in September 2011.

HARP program: HARP stands for Home Affordable Refinance Program.

This program is to assist 4 to 5 million homeowners whose house value has declined significantly over the past few years. It helps to secure new mortgage with low rates with support of Loan modification attorneys. HARP program is going to end in June 2012.

HAMP Program: HAMP stands for Home Affordable Modification Program. This program covers only those homeowners owing less than $ 729,750 on the first mortgage attained. However, first mortgage payment should be more than 31 percent of homeowner’s gross income. Policymakers are trying to sort the matter as both parties have their own problems.

Civil Settlement

Policymakers are trying to find a solution to help both homeowners and mortgage service providers, as both have their own problems. In October 2010, a new bill came into force, which asked courts to identify all the documents whether they are notarized and filed properly by the leading companies or not. If signed properly, it would be difficult to challenge the legality of those documents. Policymakers realized that many homeowners were likely to lose their homes by some unlawful action of mortgage services. Mortgage service providers agreed to pay $ 20 billion as civil settlement mortgage.

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