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Looking for Debt Relief With the economy in trouble and more layoffs being announced every day, many people are looking for ways to stay out of trouble with credit card debt.


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6 Responses to "Looking for Debt Relief"

  1. cyberbabano1 says:
    canadadebtconsolidationnow(.)c om – provides 7 alternative ways? to get out of debt for Canadians
  2. cris750 says:
    I suggest that all Democrats call their Congress representatives and protest and DEMAND a CHECK! It will help the economy!
  3. cris750 says:
    President Barack Obama, avoid losing your democratic base support by passing and supporting my proposals.
  4. cris750 says:
    Yes, cut the taxes but give the people a check!!! $36,000 / $72,000 / $108,000 / $144,000 . This is Capital reimbursement for any tax payer who has been a worker for 10 yrs then double it if they were also in military service then 3X if they were also students then 4X if they are over 55 yrs of age. The states when then tax the check through Income tax. California would definately benefit through this federal payout to taxpayers!!!!
  5. cris750 says:
    Soft capital is NOT the answer for this current time. What is needed is HARD capital for the taxpayers. I call it: ” Direct Capital Reimbursement Stimulus Check ” Covering range: $36,000 to $144,000 !
  6. cris750 says:
    This is SOFT Capital versus HARD Capital. What is HARD Capital , according to me, When have funds that would pay off credit cards directly. When anyone goes to a debt consolidation they would still have debt but Soft Capital.

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