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LOSING THE BIDDING WAR FOR FORECLOSURE HOMES? FIND OUT WHY??? We have ADVANCED NOTICE OF COMING FORECLOSURES WITH OUR BANKS, AND A SYSTEM OF WRITING CONTRACTS THAT GET ACCEPTED! Would you like that? My team specializes in Foreclosure and Short Sale homes here in the metro Phoenix Real Estate Market. Since Spring of 2009, we have been experiencing multiple offers for our Foreclosure homes and been involved with bidding wars for our buyers trying to purchase foreclosure homes. Getting out bid was very disappointing, I am sure you would agree. We realized that we get Advanced Notice to our Foreclosure listings and because we are working with several banks, we can see thier coming soon inventory too. We started marketing the homes before they were listed. It worked great. We sold many of our own listings. Many of the top Foreclosure agents are friends of mine, we meet at special conventions for top selling agents. They share their coming soon inventory with us, adding more Advanced Notice. We started noticing that the banks didn’t always take the top offer. So we started tracking what made a difference. From there we put together a system of writing offers the way the banks like to see them, so they get accepted. Together with the Advanced Notice to the bank owned Foreclosure homes we call this our “Unfair Advantage.” Recently we secured homes for 3 different buyers using this system. They were not the highest offers, nor cash offers, but their offers were selected. Hi I’m


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