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LPAC Weekly Report, Jan 11, 2012

LPAC Weekly Report


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18 Responses to "LPAC Weekly Report, Jan 11, 2012"

  1. tepstolog says:
    @syberraith Go to this address and press play: larouche pac (dot) c o m (slash) n o d e (slash) 21120 So, write this in to Google and then go to the one on the top, to get there.. I think this should help u out with greater understanding , I believe…
  2. syberraith says:
    @syberraith A National Banks could be created in the likeness of State banks, with it’s assets based upon Federally owned property, although I see the State Banks as being the main work horses of the economic recovery.
  3. syberraith says:
    Mr. LaRouche,

    Please elaborate upon your ideas of a National Bank. You concern me a bit with that. It is my understanding that Andrew Jackson got the Banks out of the Government business because the National bank at that time was playing the old central bank run up the national debt game. I agree a credit system is what is needed to fix the economy, although I see that as being able to be handled by State Banks that issues credit along with a Federal Treasury that issues the currency.

  4. FullFr4me says:
    Guy on the left:
    Oyang Teng (LPAC Basement Team)


  5. biozamadotcom says:
    Humanitarians? Larouche complains of generational decay, but Larouche does not realize the the humanitarian efforts of his shyster ideology has led to the globalization and eradication of the American identity. Larouche talks more about Chinese, Russians and Haitians than he does about Americans. Larouche’s people put Americans last on their priority list when is comes to socials services and benefits, just like the Democrats. Nobody believes this tripe. He just wants power, that’s all.
  6. Zamolxx says:
    Paul’s policies on diminishing foreign wars and interventionism is good, but other than that he has no grasp on economics. Reinstating Glass Steagall doesn’t mean more regulation, it means sound reglementation. Paul Krugman stated that GS gave the USA a sound banking system for aprox half a century. I hope Ron Paul gets to be president, however they guy is saying that welfare is unconstitutional, that’s just plain dangerous ignorance. The world needs a new Bretton woods not the WW1 gold standard
  7. laroucheyouth says:
    @TheDayApproaches The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee. Lyndon LaRouche is a physical economist that grounds his forecasting method in the work of Riemann & Kepler. He has run for President numerous times, & was the one that instigated the idea of the Strategic Defense Initiative under Reagan & became the go between guy between the US gov & the Soviet’s in negotiating the proposed joint program. LPAC has led the fight to impeach Obama & led the fight to re-instate Glass-Steagall…
  8. tepstolog says:
    @kjp68 The Austrian School of economics is also known as : The Hapsburg’s School of economics btw…  Now these folks r no humanitarians, trust me on that…. :-D
  9. mik1984 says:
    @louloub5 If you combine brutal restrictive budgetary policy of $1T cuts with extremely contractive monetary policy of going back to gold standard with low wage labor policy of “right to work”, no minimum wage and no unemployment welfare the result is obvious if you have at least smelled economics 101. You will manufacture the biggest economic breakdown the USA has ever seen.
  10. mik1984 says:
    @kjp68 Because Karl Menger was a Habsburg propagandist? Because von Hayek praised Hitler in the 30′? Because Milton Friedman was a supporter of the Pinochet’s regime? Because the most popular Austrian School supporter in Poland, Janusz Korwin Mikke hates democracy and republic and wants to be proclaimed king? Of course, there are clear differences berween fascism and ASE, however it doesn’t change the fact that ASE is anti-american system in a subtle , but extremely dangerous way.
  11. kjp68 says:
    @COUNTCARDULAR The Austrian school of economics is fascism ?How have you come to that idea is it because Austria is near Germany .LMFAO.
  12. MrPatrickodonnell says:
    This is gonna be one hell of a paradigm shift…I’m in, especially for the unborn souls yet to be born.
  13. laroucheyouth says:
    @SCLARK2112 We must create the alternative. Don’t get sucked into a popularity contest that requires voting for the lesser of two evils. The fight is the reinstatement of glass-steagall & the establishment of a national bank so we can create the credit necessary to build our way out bankruptcy.
  14. TheDayApproaches says:
    Who the heck are these people?
    end thefed and create a third national bank is what la rouche is stating. if the fed goes but is not replaced by a national bank then you will be run by golden scks and jp morgue. ron paul wants less deregulation not more on the banks. many of you will die if ronpaul carries out his economic plans. you cant kill the safety net if there is nothing to put in its place
    no louloub5 he has no idea about economics hes from the austrian school. he has not stood behind the american credit system, austrian school is fascism. vote for ron paul and get what you deserve. stopping the wars is fine but he will kill far more with his economic ptogramme
  17. louloub5 says:
    disappointed that larouche is stating that none of the candidates are qualified? Ron Paul is the one that knows more about economics than any of you, end the federal reserve and is for peace, not war!  get a grip larouche pac…..
  18. SCLARK2112 says:
    If Mitt is the nominee, Obama will remain President. Ron Paul is the ONLY CANDIDATE even talking about ending the Fed.

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