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“Make-Believe Economy” -American Insolvency

***Note*** 9/24/08 Wow, how much has changed in the period of a year. Few may remember, but at the time I had made this film, NO ONE was talking about recession, much less a crash. “Experts” on CNN were debating wether a recession might happen 10 years down the road, not seeing it was right around the corner. All the politicians were spitting out rhetoric on how robust and how resilient the American Economy is. Now they claim that “It was clear for a long time that this was going to happen”. Bullshit. And now, the best solution they can muster is to give more taxpayer money to the same Corporate predators who became multi-millionaires by feeding on the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of American people. Brilliant! This is a sad day for America, but I fear the saddest is yet to come. Good luck to you and your home. *******Original Text******* As a result of our financial promiscuity, America could face economic threats more imminent than terrorist attacks or even global warming. This is my personal assessment of the financial dilemmas that our nation, in its infinite wisdom, has placed itself in. Alas, human mass society is the most intelligent and the most ignorant organism all in the same moment. (This is an abbreviated version of the 2-part original made in late spring 08. Also, I accelerated the film to save the viewer some time. – Please pardon if I sound like Alvin the chipmunk. Take care.)


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25 Responses to "“Make-Believe Economy” -American Insolvency"

  1. army2k08 says:
    Good foresight.
  2. neanam says:
    i wish i had his wisdom back in 2007 i just woke up 9 months ago…. well im leaving this dump i cant do this anymore
  3. papeeboy says:
    great video,, the economy is really goin to shit,, but the question is not wat videos you can post to change the world,, the questions is what are you doin to preserve your wealth,, inflation is inevitable,,if your not prepared,, you need to prepare,, buy gold and silver!!! tangible assets!!! when the dollar declines these are goin to b the only things that are goin to go up in value,, everyone tht saw this video needs to listen,, its not bout pessimism,, its about preparation,, GREAT VID!!
  4. ahokalam says:
    Respect for everything you said, man, except for the part about belief in capitalism. When considering non-economical & non-financial factors & chain reactions to the realities of capitalism, I can’t help but think of capitalism as a sociological cancer.
  5. sleepingwisemen says:
    good stuff…

    sad but true.

  6. olseabee says:
    I agree with Mr T

    The dominoes have been set up
    WE have been setup!
    Between all the immigrant labor the excess housing supply,, our means of production offshored to china and india.. And obama talking about building infrastructure,,
    We’ll be competing with the immigrants for highway jobs.. probly building trade routes from mexico to canada so we can eat

    They do this every 80 years I guess

    America has one thing going and that is Providence is with us

    I know that as fact

  7. MrTinchler says:
    I’ll say it again,,

    What is really going to happen???

    Wages will go down and so will home values crash and burn,, foreclosures will be rampant and we’ll have a drawn out depression..

    This is intentional

  8. MrTinchler says:
    “They could not “help” the market and let things crash quickly and start to grow again..”

    But people will still have debt burdens that don’t work and will end in foreclosure anyway

    we need money without debt, yeah, like the constitution grants us

  9. MrTinchler says:
    Wages must go up or home prices must come down…

    It’s not the foreclosures

    It’s low wages and artificially inflated debt based home values that caused this crisis

    What is really going to happen???

    Wages will go down and so will home values crash and burn,, foreclosures will be rampant and we’ll have a drawn out depression..
    They could not “help” the market and let things crash quickly and start to grow again..

  10. MrTinchler says:
    Ya see, they will try to prop up the housing market and may sell off our country to foreigners…
    Botom line on housing is that incomes must support home values and if they artificially support them,,, that will cause wages to go down even..
    When home values finally do really plunge they will overshoot the bottom

    I would keep my credit good and save money for the buying opportunity… If they do sell to foreign investors, won’t they have to resell???
    Globalism is crazy!!!

  11. MrTinchler says:
    Get ready for a depression.

    That is how they keep control of our country.

    It’s only paper

    We use it to accomodate trade

    No paper, no trade
    They want to bail out the banks but with everybody deeply in debt, who can borrow?
    Game over
    People will leave wages stagnate empty houses no jobs
    They want to keep home values inflated but what about wages.. homes should crash!!!
    Can you say $70,000? heheh

  12. MrTinchler says:
    Abolish the fed reserve and IRS and
    Control the borders..

    Issue real money, not paper debt

    Now that our manufacturing is gone and we have all of this housing supply I wonder what we will do..

    Why not stability??? yeah right?

  13. MrTinchler says:
    Ever notice that the areas with the highest home values are also the areas with the most immigrants??

    Well, do you think that is because of “cheap” immigrant labor???
    Kind of defies what they tell us.
    I live in Florida and the banks pretty much just handed out FREE MONEY to the hispanics around here… mostly cubans and south Americans… not mexicans so much…
    How to fix??
    Abolish the fed reserve and IRS

  14. MrTinchler says:
    I would settle for hearing the truth spoken in public..
    Obama says it’s the foreclosures that have caused this economic crisis… Well, in my view it started with the media telling us we are lazy and expect too much pay while ronald reagan gave tons of free money to US corporations to take our manufacturing jobs overseas and then they opened the borders while they deprived us of credit..
    Then they gave expansionary lines of credit on homes and mostly to immigrants imo
  15. MrTinchler says:
    I am fairly successful btw

    Most of my childhood friends are pratically homeless though and they have worked

    I mean, what I’ve told you about money is true, just look up “monetizing the debt” and “fractional reserve lending”

    They bankrupt us intentionally,, no lie

  16. MrTinchler says:
    Bottom line is the bankers can make your house worth $1 million or $70,000 by control of the credit mechanism… Also immigration plays a big part of wages and inflation.
    I think immigrants have been used as a weapon against the working class..
    Hey everything I’ve said is just for what it’s worth…
    You can check things out for yourself.. Of course you are a different generation than I..

    Take a look at the history of the PRIME RATE from 1929 – present.. AARRGGHHH I graduated in 1982

  17. MrTinchler says:
    “just to see our country/money GIVEN to foreigners”

    BY the banks…
    I never could get a mortgage and had to buy owner finance…
    This infiltration was intentional and orchestrated..

    If nobody borrowed any money,, we would not have any money at all… See, they took us off the gold standard in 1971…
    People say they killed JFK for issuing silver certificate money..
    Gold or silver backed money is spent into circulation and circulates
    federal reserve notes are all loaned at interest

  18. MrTinchler says:
    Maybe we should not let joeschmoe buy thousands of barrels of oil that hasn’t even been pumped yet and on bank credit at that when they have no real use for it

    My generation, I’m 44, was deprived of credit which is the only place money comes from..
    The prime rate averaged 13% from 1978 – 1990 as they opened the borders and exported our jobs…
    My generation did not buy homes,, in fact we ended up renting from my parents generation,, just to see our country/money GIVEN to foreigners

  19. MrTinchler says:
    The gas prices for instance, where we had private citizens buy oil futures contracts with BANK CREDIT, and then sell it at an inflated price to the gas cos. and then keeping the spreads after they pay the bank back… Same with the house speculation and the banks accomodated it and cause artificial high prices to the consumer while some merchant pockets the mark up that they cause by buying everything on the market..
  20. MrTinchler says:
    Actually trade is good and so markets are good.

    Everything is monetized though by bank debt.

    The merchants just buy and sell. That is all they do. They do not produce anything and they have taken control of everything

  21. MrTinchler says:
    It’s to the point where a carpenter cannot afford a house and cannot build one either due to regulations ..
    How is this good for American families??????
    That should be the ideal,,,
    Family living with peace, prosperity and stability and happiness

    They are destroying America

  22. MrTinchler says:
    Some people produce real products that help people to live…
    Does “education” or investment “risk” equate to production??
    Work is good for you in many ways
    I don’t think God gave men able bodies to sit in chairs figuring out how to take from those who use their bodies for good,.
    And look what they are teaching.. Is it substantial?
    Why do we bring in english indian professionals for everything?
    We were fine in the past when we produced the best of everything in America
  23. MrTinchler says:
    The reason I bother is because people like you who are willing to talk, listen and learn could possibly save America from being exploited to benefit paper manipulators..

    I am a pissed off American woodworker

    yep, the bankers are smart but they are also evil

    Having investment markets divide the workers and basically give free money from the worker consumer to the people who already have disposeable income
    They divide and conquer
    I say put the bankers and investors to work too

  24. MrTinchler says:
    I saw this credit/debt/price bubble on real estate form over years and the media didn’t say a word..
    Well, people don’t know about the *BANK CREDIT* DEBT monetary system and so they can’t understand the economy,, tis secret and corrupt to bring globalism under the European banker/merchants..
    America’s sovereignty is under attack!
    They caused the economic problem with lose lending standards and now they will make it worse by prolonging the bust side of the cycle! with aid and bailouts get it?
  25. MrTinchler says:
    So they ran home prices up skyhigh with trick mortgages,, well,, this is my point,,
    ** the bail outs and aid and all of the help will just prevent or will slow the market correction in home values** **Temporarily propping up home values to their curent artificially high level** making it impossible for first ime homebuyers to purchase a home even longer and causing a stagnant economy for maybe a decade..
    their lies enable them to screw people right in front of your faces

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