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Manifest Out of Debt

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25 Responses to "Manifest Out of Debt"

  1. CuteCatFaith says:
    I got a lot of flack from “friends” and so on back in the ’70s when I got to be over 18 and tended to totally avoid debt. Thanks for speaking up. I was ordered to pay alimony to a spouse who’d been a parasite on me for 12 years and had no say in the future of my unborn child, who was not his (we’d been separated a long time). Chattel! Three bad marriages on two continents. At least I am debt free.
  2. stillmatic029 says:
    Debt plagues many of us, thankyou for sharing your story and providing advice to cope with these issues.
  3. lovecross1 says:
    This good information to have. I will use this in my own debt issues.
  4. bdrani25 says:
    Nice. Informative info. 
  5. gettingkindahectic says:
    I got a lot from reading the ebook. Good job
  6. MichaelBartes says:
    good video, have got something new from it
  7. Ilaiaraja says:
    Very useful information. I think we all need to think about this. I will try out your E-Book.
  8. spankinjenkins says:
    I definitely feel there is something wrong with society. This overwhelming number of people that are in debt. You do raise some great points. I myself am in this situation… (down and out). Like you, I have had an increase in wisdom. I am definitely in the same situation you were in at one time. I have no one to turn to. Interestingly enough I do get unsolicited advice from know-it-alls. Of course, people would call the Law of Attraction, BS. But my life shows that there is something at work.
  9. Tatteredsoul77 says:
    I love how she thinks. The Government has too much control over us! I am looking forward to checking out this book.
  10. skyhigh181 says:
    This books seems like it would really help someone who needs to get out of debt! Great idea
  11. pos6666666 says:
    Very informative video, thanks for the info.
  12. 121jot says:
    Thanks for the great information. I loved it
  13. JGForThree says:
    great information, i should probably stop gambling after seeing this
  14. XxXxPimpcessxXxX says:
    This is a great video. This stuff is going through the mind of everyone! We need more people like you. You’ve got a great perspective on the issue. Thanks for the post!
  15. crankhavok616 says:
    this looks really interesting. gonna grab this ebook.
  16. MegaFoster08 says:
    debt and corruption of the powers that be in this country.
  17. piashxyz says:
    when will people get a little education then the world would not be in the shit
  18. jennifer31099 says:
    so true… Government has gotten way out of hand and its up to us …. with help from people like this…. to put an end to this all!!
  19. anheddie says:
    you give good information, keep it up!
  20. jackofalltrades2345 says:
    great video very helpful.
  21. crzywifeygrl101 says:
    Cool this is awesome.
  22. lieutenantskygmail says:
    Nice and useful video.
  23. 2004cdw says:
    Wow! What a neat perspective about the causes of debt and corruption of the powers that be in this country. It gives me a lot to meditate on.
  24. prospectboy says:
    Government has gotten too big, and it’s sad that so many people are unaware of it. Great video.
  25. icemankelv says:
    Too true – much of the information said here is food for thought

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