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Martin Trott, Ernst & Young


  1. Nortel/Ernst & Young – ITN Channel 4 News – 22 Dec 09 ITN Channel 4 News item reporting the lack of consultation by Insolvency Practitioners when making employees redundant. This news...

  2. Young Women Overtake Men in Bankruptcy Figures Analysis of figures from the Insolvency Service by accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy has revealed some interesting insights with a notable...

  3. Baines and Ernst TV advert Feb 2008 The No. 1 company in the UK for Debt solutions. ...

  4. Matthew Martin and Nils Bhinda, Debt Relief International Matthew Martin and Nils Bhinda of Debt Relief International, discuss how low-income countries (LICs) in Africa, Latin America and...

  5. Young Musicians Foundation The associated video was created for Merv Griffin’s, Young Musicians Foundation, and features their Harp program. ...

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