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MASSIVE 8.9 JAPAN EARTHQUAKE caused by the US Government with HAARP!!!!

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  1. Did HAARP weapon cause Haiti Earthquake killing thousands ? I personally have a gut feeling that the HAARP device in Alaska was used to cause the 7.0 earthquake...

  2. Earthquakes caused by HAARP? Conspiracy Theory #77 I made this video several years ago when I was an infant opening my eyes to the larger reality...

  3. JAPAN QUAKE by PROJECT HAARP? 8.9 9.0 CHINA QUAKE 7.8 “Northern Lights” appeared 30 minutes before quake in Sichuan China. Research project HAARP in alaska. HAARP dot NET Top...

  4. The Military’s Mystery Machine – Haarp Weather Modification Technology in Alaska Part 2 here: The Military’s Mystery Machine – Haarp Weather Modification Technology *update* why this cuts out .....

  5. What caused insolvent banks, what does all this mean? Im doing a report on many economic problems, and im kind of leading to the point how, people failed to...

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13 Responses to "MASSIVE 8.9 JAPAN EARTHQUAKE caused by the US Government with HAARP!!!!"

  1. insightllc says:
    @alkonalkon You and a world are fucking stupid. There was only one earthquake ever in Honshu, Japan. The rest are foreshocks or aftershocks. Wake up. Nikola Tesla caused world record 47 ft uplift earthquakes in Alaska in 1899 deploying the very first WMD after causing an earthquake in Manhattan New York so saith The Lord God. -Biblical Prophet
  2. HdizzleM says:
    I without a doubt believe the government is using this HAARP program as a form of control on the public. Stir fear, within it, people look toward it’s government to intervene. Government moves in and takes control. Drive fear in the masses, and then the government can take charge. If this doesn’t open your eyes, watch V for Vendetta and start doing your research and you’ll see just how much far a government will go to get power…
  3. righteousemusic says:
    Conspiracy or not, you should still watch this with an open mind!
  4. alkonalkon says:
    I live in japan and japan is very sismic because its situated in a volcan area.
    Many Earthquakes happens(registred)in 1828,1923,1942,1946,1948,1952,1964,1965,1968,1995,2005,2007.And in this country x history experience we know that earthqueake could happend again each 100 o 150 years in the same area o near of it.So in this case(japan) i think its not a conspiracy.
  5. OsOblanco777 says:
    You guys are talking about h.a.a.r.p and what caused the disaster as if you really know. Maybe it’s government induced or the will of god. Whichever it is you or I will never know. You guys are merely entertainment for others to enjoy and I thank you lmao!
  6. silkcityman74 says:
    The whole planet is shaking,changing,and shifting.Countries world wide are dealing with the changing world man made or not.But America seem to get weather type disasters that seem to be abnormal at times only to candy coat the truth behind something more than mother nature’s power? We are the only species on this planet capable of destroying millions of years of natural work, and in the end we’ll be the ones to seal our fate to oblivion. Nature is the victim not mankind. HaArP or nature?
  7. DjDalgis says:
    HAARP can not make earthquakes, read about Tesla first
  8. paulius360 says:
    @Hobbytrem wake up they can
  9. paulius360 says:
    japan get hit by his own gun and they fired another blast to usa if it prowes in 7 days and usa get hit by EARTHQUAKE…. it means world war 3
  10. anelalono says:
  11. viewurself says:
    Haiti, New Zealand, Japan …. scientists really need to get on to figuring this phenomenon out, HARP or no HARP, it is obviously something that is building up to be bigger? what’s next North America?
  12. Hobbytrem says:
    HAARP CAN’T GENERATE EARTHQUAKES you ignorant communist alarmist!
  13. TheNoseMusic says:
    I don’t get what this has to do with anything that happened in Japan.
    And I mean, how can you believe this anyway? There is NO evidence what so ever. It sounds a bit made up to me

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