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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Mayor Ed Koch on rent control, his sexuality, Andrew Cuomo, and how he helped save New York

Mayor Ed Koch on rent control, his sexuality, Andrew Cuomo, and how he helped save New York

In 1978, New York City was crumbling and the leading indicator of America’s seemingly irreversible decline. The South Bronx, once a thriving middle-class neighborhood, had became a national symbol of urban horror. From 1960 to 1980, New York’s murder rate tripled. Out-of-control spending had brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy, leading to a state takeover of its finances. The city’s subway was plauged by crime, graffiti, and equipment breakdowns. On July 13th, 1977, the city reached its nadir when a 24-hour blackout gave way to mass looting. Bushwick, a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn, was practically burned to the ground. Then in 1978, Edward Irving Koch became New York’s 105th Mayor. A veteran congressman from Manhattan, Koch’s chutzpah was exactly what the city needed. A self-proclaimed “liberal with sanity,” Koch took on special interests, he put the city’s finances back in order, and showed that it was not only possible to govern but to have fun doing it. Koch gained a national reputation by being the quintessential New Yorker: A Bronx-born ethnic whose disparaging remarks about life outside the city may well have sunk his 1981 bid for the governor’s mansion in Albany. Long presumed to be gay, Koch kept mum about his personal life while pushing for social tolerance. His symbolic and practical role in the Big Apple’s multi-decade renaissance is as huge as his appetite for publicity. Since losing his bid for a fourth term in 1989, Koch has been a


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25 Responses to "Mayor Ed Koch on rent control, his sexuality, Andrew Cuomo, and how he helped save New York"

  1. wilsalvn says:
    Is Ed Kich implying Obama is anti israel, either he’s paranoid or just plain ignorant.
  2. CuteCatFaith says:
    Uprated, favorited and shared. I lived in NY from 1977 until 1994 and thanks to Koch, I more often had heat and hot water. The city was a mess. I must say, it was mostly ordinary citizens who took it back, but he was a great, though imperfect, leader. Human. I knew Anna Carroll, his photographer.
  3. djbreezmelbourne says:
    I like him cause he was in “StyleWars”
  4. giddymoon says:
    Hmm..a liberal who admits the city was saved by conservatism..then talks about how important rent control is for the middle class, but won’t give up his rent controlled apt for the middle the hypocrisy.
  5. Northeastern292 says:
    @CrisVangel NYC needed a guy with guts to do the job, and that’s what Koch did. Do I agree with everything he did? No (and worse, I have no first hand experience). But it was Koch (and a few others) who got the ball rolling on NYC’s revitalization. (P.S. I was born in Forest Hills and lived in Richmond Hill for a while).
  6. PSProductionsNY says:
    And the Gay Marriage bill was passed you closet case. Your self hatred is what places Gays and Lesbians in danger. And molds our children to remain ambivalent. Drop Dead, Already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. PSProductionsNY says:
    He ignored the onslaught of the AIDs plague in it`s bginning stages. And was a well known closet case. Poo poo.
  8. STEVEGET says:
    still a shit hole who ever runs it.
  9. johnsmdm says:
    I want to fuck andrew cuomo in the ass sirs…and blast him with my cock….make him gay…
  10. bjhunni1 says:
    Cuomo got 15 million dollars to pass gay marriage in new York!
  11. 58robbo says:
    well done for deifying a rank ‘n file nanny stater!

    “the govt has a role in telling people how much salt they may consume”

    are you guys serious?

  12. biozamadotcom says:
    sorry man, i’ll remove all my comments if u say so. didn’t mean anything. Just sick of the chutzpah by people who i don’t really see much in. 
  13. RocktheStageNYC says:
    @biozamadotcom – I agree Koch never saved NYC – I lived here under him. It took Rudy Guliani to really pull NYC out of the dregs and bring it back to life.

    How is the slaughter of 6 million Jews a threat or slander?

    Yes Kaganovich slaughtered Christians. And you’re point is what? That should condemn all Jews somehow? Men have been killing men of different ethnicity, faith and political persuasion for millennia. So is the nature of MAN. Humans don’t need religion to be evil.

  14. hugo121175 says:
    @DackIsBack We had a BlackOut in 2003, and nothing happened….. I was working that night in Washington Heights (Manhattan) for the FDNY. We had one candle related fire, and not much else…..
  15. biozamadotcom says:
    @RocktheStageNYC You don’t need threats or slander? Is that why you invoked the Holocaust?
    How about those 10 millions Christians murdered by Bolsheviks? Under Kaganovich? Why no Spielberg movie? Why no historical recognition? Could it be that these people are just full of themselves and full of shit?
    Koch never saved NYC. NYC would have been better off, we all would have, without their Emanuel Celler, Jacob Javits, Ed Koch, and without their Federal Reserve. History proves it.
  16. RocktheStageNYC says:
    @biozamadotcom I don’t need threats or slander. Your scum, plain and simple. And you need professional psychiatric help.
  17. biozamadotcom says:
    @RocktheStageNYC Everyone understands the pandering that you need to do in NYC. You are the perfect Shabbas Goy, making frivolous accusations, so you can engage in your own reprehensible, vile and murderous activity.
    Kind of like accusing other countries of “wiping Israel off the map” as Israelis proceed to wipe Palestinians and other groups off the map with their absolute DUPES in the military.
    Any more threats or slander you got? Anything original, that is.
  18. RocktheStageNYC says:
    @biozamadotcom – you know its people like you who start holocausts. You should be stamped out, squashed like a bug. Your kind is not needed on the planet.

    I do not kiss “jew ass” in NYC. I run my own business, answer to no one. Go back under the mildew infesed rock you came from.

  19. Wormtail81 says:
    I like certain things about him and his policies despite disagreeing with him philosophically.
  20. polevaultrockstr says:
    Do people really think that a home owner will rent out a home for less than it is worth? Controls on cost always lead to a lower standard of goods and a shortage of goods, as people who should nt be able to afford certain things now can because the price is kept low enough for them to compete. Lets look at computers. The worst cell phone today has more computing power than the best computer of the 80′s that cost $3000 back then! Why is Apple not crashed if their prices have dropped for “better”
  21. OnenessNow says:
    On 311 the World woke up and decided NO NUKES and NO FLUKES.




  22. biozamadotcom says:
    @RocktheStageNYC Emanuel Cellar and Jacob Javits destroyed the USA demographically going against American traditional immigration policy. Barbara Spectre wants to do the same thing in Europe. All Fed Chairmans have been Jewish, Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs, Barney Frank. Trotsky was from New York. Sigmund Freud said he wanted to eliminate all fair complexion phenotypes, yet you ignore all reality and say the Pavlov doggy-trained trance word “anti-Semitism”. I know u gotta kiss jew ass in NYC.
  23. RocktheStageNYC says:
    @biozamadotcom – Well then I’m glad not have awaken to the mental illness known as anti-semitism. An affliction you obviously suffer from.
  24. biozamadotcom says:
    @RocktheStageNYC Go back and look who ended almost 200 years of immigration policy. Emanuel Cellar, Jacob Javits, and Ted Kennedy. Look up Barbara Spectre here on youtube. The ACLU and other lawyers, who are always suing western peoples on behalf of foreign invaders, are Jewish. You are lucky! You have yet to awaken! I envy you!
  25. RocktheStageNYC says:
    @biozamadotcom = Huh? “Norweigens, Swedes, Spanish, German, French, etc. deserve their own homeland, too”… Have you not heard of Noway, Sweden, Spain, Germany and France? Wow. Jews behind multiculturalism? You’ve got to be kidding. Multiculturalism is a Liberal ideology not a Jewish one.

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