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Melody Harp

I have owned this melody harp for about 48 hours… having watched some Finnish Kantele videos, I picked up the mute + strum method. It’s going to be fun learning techniques and songs.

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9 Responses to "Melody Harp"

  1. WorldofHarmonyMusic says:
    That’s so cool! I never thought of blocking strings to play chords! Well done!
    Debbie Center
    Founder ~ World of Harmony Music :)
  2. WorldofHarmonyMusic says:
    Very cool! I’ve written 3 books of music for these instruments! They’re called World of Harmony Music, you can find them on Amazon :)
    In harmony all ways,
    Debbie Center :)
  3. xrawrbiexrotten says:
    I am addicted to weird easy instruments. First I got my Ike then today I got the diddly bow now I really want one of these. I am getting a strange little instrument family. :-)
  4. Shewolf134 says:
    Ahh yes for those of use with no real talent there is the lap harp. I miss mine
  5. scar504 says:
    hehe its a really easy instrument to learn give someone an hour and they could probly learn a song but its still fun
  6. kaapiovuohi says:
    I bought it from a sale at Cropredy folk convention. It’s tuned in C but the bottom string is um… G or A I think, so there’s a full octave of C major and notes above/below it.
  7. unstrung13 says:
    awesome!! i make and build instruments, have wanted to build a kantele or small box harp for a long time, ESPECIALLY since i learned about the block&strum method!!! so – yours has 15 strings, and what tuning is it?

    i really would like something tuned chromatically, so that i could play all the cover songs i already know..

    where did you buy the harp??

  8. shnozwoman says:
  9. smercer92 says:

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