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MERS Foreclosure Fraud – Stopping Foreclosures (MIRROR)

Original post Please go to the original post for all links! Also… if you feel this is as important as I do please mirror the original vid! Point folks back there for the links! This lady is very smart and knows what she is talking about! This could help a lot of folks!


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  2. FORECLOSURE FRAUD MERS, LPS …BOGUS ASSIGNMENTS…Are you KIDDING ME DOCX??? I thought I have seen it All but …BOGUS Assignments of Mortgage?? Judges are signing these judgments off!!!...

  3. FORECLOSURE FRAUD pt 1 of 5 HOW THEY DO IT…ERICA JOHNSON-SECK.. THANKS MERS, DAVID J. STERN!! MersCorp was formed in the early 1990s by the former CEOs of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Indy Mac,...

  4. OHIO SOS JENNIFER BRUNNER on Foreclosure Fraud, Kaptur, MERS, HR 3808, Notaries, Moratorium . Source DEMOCRACY NOW! . Democracy NOW! News – Calls are growing for a nationwide moratorium on home...

  5. Florida Foreclosure Fraud Protection Law Enacted – Foreclosures / Mortgage Loan Modification Frederick A Neustein, an attorney with the Law Offices of Charles L Neustein PA and respectfully submits the following:...

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25 Responses to "MERS Foreclosure Fraud – Stopping Foreclosures (MIRROR)"

  1. skybirdbird says:
    @davids11131113 yes…it will be a mass…:-(
  2. davids11131113 says:
    @skybirdbird As I was saying a few weeks ago in a video, this MERS fiasco will completely lock up the real estate market as no one has any idea who actually holds any mortgages, already we’re seeing companies stopping mortgage insurance, and add on the lawsuits for each and every foreclosure in question.
  3. centervilletn says:
    @skybirdbird some of the home owners are winning battles based on the fact that the banks cannot find originating documentation…loans have been sold and re sold so many times that they cannot “prove” they are the rightful owners…so courts are siding with the home owners..banks are trying to sew up those holes.
  4. Silveracity says:
    Unfortunately, the people in the homes are NOT homeowners. The BANKS own the home until the people who would pay the mortgage pay the agreed amount to the bank.

    That being said, It’s currently in the best interest of the banks, and NOT the majority of the people to halt all eviction proceedings.

  5. Silveracity says:
    The reason that someone who has paid on their mortgage for years should loose their home because of a temporary (hopefully) setback, is because that was in the contract that they willing signed with the bank.
    Do you believe in legal contracts and the rule of law?
  6. desire4liberation says:
    @Silveracity respectively I ask you whom would you rather own the property? A bank or a person?
  7. QQMarkPS2 says:
    @skybirdbird Amen.
  8. skybirdbird says:
    @QQMarkPS2 the gov only cares about getting them under their thumb!
  9. skybirdbird says:
    @ODOstatus yes …i don’t feel this will help forever…but it may help some for a while …and maybe it will be just long enough for some…:-)
  10. skybirdbird says:
    @fal2grace yep… mornin…:-)
  11. skybirdbird says:
    @desire4liberation i know…. i miss a lot too…:-(
  12. skybirdbird says:
    @davids11131113 how so?
  13. skybirdbird says:
    @centervilletn i do not doubt what you are saying …but do you know what loopholes they are trying to close? it helps to know specifics… 
  14. skybirdbird says:
    @Silveracity i’m sure there are many versions of foreclosure scenarios … i’ll answer your question with a question … why should someone who has paid on their mortgage for years loose their home because of a temporary (hopefully) setback …
  15. skybirdbird says:
    @michelleb1129 will try!
  16. skybirdbird says:
    @michielma i hope they are exposed!
  17. skybirdbird says:
    @Msakaalbany you bet!
  18. Msakaalbany says:
  19. michielma says:
    Fraudsters are about to be disclosed. The truth has a funny way of ALWAYS getting out and coming to light. Help expose the Banksters/Government Fraudsters! Every little action is an action.
  20. michelleb1129 says:
    As always ,they will never tell us the truth…Thanks,keep it coming…
  21. Silveracity says:
    If someone moves into a house, and never pays the mortgage, why shouldn’t the property be foreclosed?
  22. centervilletn says:
    the banks arent stopping forclosures because they have to…they are stopping forclosures to close up a few loopholes that citizens have found….wake up folks this isnt a good thing its just sewing up the nets so they can get it ALL
  23. davids11131113 says:
    MERS, just think ‘sub-prime collapse’ X1,000.
  24. QQMarkPS2 says:
    @skybirdbird Thanks for the vid the government don’t give a shit about the poor.
  25. desire4liberation says:
    thanks girl!! i am subbed to her, but rarely get anyones new vids :( (

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