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MERS “Foreclosure Proof” Homes on Fox News Insider for more info! Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERSCORP) In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. GRG [Ref.


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13 Responses to "MERS “Foreclosure Proof” Homes on Fox News Insider"

  1. ipowerpilot says:
    This is such a mess. Even people who are not in foreclosure should see what’s up here. What really happens when the deed to your home is actually in the possession of an investor and no one even knows how to contact that investor if necessary? People think the ownership to their home is safe because they have some papers and live there. I wonder if the title company could find the original deed to my home? No wonder title companies are hesitating to write title on millions of homes.
  2. coolhandlukeAZ says:
    Does anyone have a clue what this does to someone over a period of time. Fighting for what is Right over 2 years now and not being able to get help with out paying a fortune for and for something you should not pay a dime for. They all know, the Feds the lawyers, the Judges they all know. This is why they allow people to walk away from their homes. It was a way of not dealing with the issue … The Real Issue. It is nothing but Racketeering and they are all involved.
  3. thelowroller says:
    @ryanalee ryan , well said, the whole monterized credit mtg. was nothing but fraud, and should be stated as such! loophole you got to give them credit for pulling that one out of the hat
  4. bushdidit2u911 says:
    fuck the banksters!
  5. TheGoodThanks says:
    Fox News, start getting professional.
  6. awatchfuli says:
    This clip is talking about the problem, we are doing something about it!!!

    youtube “Showmetheloan”

  7. HollyTNUSA says:
    I talked to a Closing Attorney about this the other day and he said that MERS was legal
    WTH? So attorneys in the closing process of all these mortgages HAD to know what was happening! I call ours on Monday and asked for a Complete copy of all our closing papers. All we have is unsigned copies
    I pay my bills and have NO problem paying my mortgage but by golly, it is going to be recorded with the County as required by law!
  8. thodal2000 says:
    I have pretty good idea that the note was pledged to the FED via the discount window to secure the funds for the loan. Its called the Fed’s borrower in custody program.Look up Public Law 106–122 106th Congress
    It gives the banks permission to convert promissory notes backed by residential mortgages directly into Federal Reserve Notes. Which of course they “lend” back to you.
    BULL !They sell your note and “lend” you the proceeds. The remedy is trover and conversion without recourse proves a sale
  9. ryanalee says:
    BTW – This is not a “loophole” like this stupid fucking reporter is trying to imply. It is the fulcrum point of the entire fraud that mortgages really are. This will eventually come out on TV so you can then believe it. Calling this a “loophole” is just as much of a crime as the original fraud committed by the banks. “Loophole” make it sound like you are getting away with something. Nothing could be further from the truth. The banks used a loophole in your mind to rob you and your family.
  10. ryanalee says:
    Every non private mortgage in America is fraud. The bank never lent you anything! They monetized your signature and then sold you your own credit. The average American mortgage has been monetized over 4x the original value of the mortgage. So, if you think you borrowed $500K. What actually happened is they stole $2 million from your private account and then had the Gall to bill you for $500K plus interest. Don’t get it. Look at Winston Shrout and wake up.
  11. thodal2000 says:
    This is so complicated? I don’t think so. This fraud is simple as can be. It’s called bait and switch.
  12. HoneySiegalSurvivor says:
    @eyewitness043 Yes, but there is a mastermind behind all this fraud. And there are documents which are linked to the fraudulent records of me deceased which can be investigated and we can have indictments.
    Where are the prosecutors who are patriotic enough to contact me because until the fraud against me is resolved this electronic benefits MERS scam continues.
    I am trustor of the real estate division of the Bank of America along with the mastermind. He is OCD and cannot stop. Linked to Obama.
  13. eyewitness043 says:
    Mainstreams lack luster effort to cover MERS in a 30-second sound bite is pathetic and speaks to their financial future or lack thereof. TV news actors are not educated or courageous enough to de-cipher and re-member the fraud used against at least 60 Million homeowners. And as a result, much of the General public is defenseless against serial white-collar crime. MERS is owned by the banks who got all that bailout money! MERS is was an inside job!

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