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Message to Ron Paul Supporters from AnonymousPaul

Fellow Anonymous Paulistas Ron Paul is alive and well. Do not let the R and D machine’s MSM propaganda get to you. The blackout started on January 10th, before Super Tuesday. The New York Times is leading the MSM attack on us. We are not going away. Freedom is the mission. Ron Paul is our brand. We are in a battle of attrition. The lower ranks have fallen – Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo, Gilmore, Giuliani, and the Thompson twins. Vilsack, Richardson, Dodd, Biden, Kucinich. Edwards left abruptly for personal financial reasons, such as losing a huge chunk of his personal fortune in a hedge fund debacle. Romney left for the same basic reason. The insolvency crisis is jeopardizing his fortune and Bain Capital. The usual lobbyists who buy the candidates of the R and D machine are at the heart of the insolvency meltdown. As a result Hillary has taken her cattle futures profits and other ill-gotten gains and gambled them by lending $5 million to her campaign. She is going to lose that money. The insolvency crisis also explains the McCain steamroller propaganda. They want us to turn our thoughts to fear. Fear of the rest of the world. Immigrants, muslims, terrorism, Iran, and nuclear weapons. While at the same time feel the country is not in a state of recession. They want us to keep spending. Do not fear the devaluation of the dollar, do not fear the increasing worth of gold, do not fear millions losing their homes and jobs. Huckabee is a side circus to make the game look


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25 Responses to "Message to Ron Paul Supporters from AnonymousPaul"

  1. steelbrushtattoo says:
    Anonymous DOE’S NOT support Ron Paul. This is a Republican ploy to harness the momentum that Anonymous has tapped into. Republicans and Democrats are not friends of Anonymous because all political parties are owned by the bankers. Please look at the youtube videos, and you will see that Anonymous does not support this government that is paid for by the 1%. However, we do support all people in their struggle for equality, freedom, and human rights.
  2. 1tonykirk says:
    On YT: Rick Perry Killed Little Girls & Freedom In Texas

    See also:
    “Republic Of Missouri, The Change Our Founders Believed In” Parts l & ll
    “The ACT of 1871″ and “USA vs US”.

    Fin out the History they are desperate to hide….

  3. XIXMephistonXIX says:
    @LeadRat Really?! How are they “terrorist”?
  4. eensrds says:
    Bad diction + background music = I can’t uderstand what you’re saying.
  5. LeadRat says:
    Anonymous is a terrorist organization. They will be the first to go to the FEMA camps.
  6. Tiosh says:
    I can’t understand this! Choose a better voice translator!
  7. molitovguardian says:
    I don’t have the tech-savvy, but this needs to be pushed harder. I think Anonymous & Ron Paul supporters have a lot in common. See what can be done, Paulistas.
  8. soulmate702000 says:
    once more in english please, why distort the message with special effects, the truth should be spoken with clarity ;-)
  9. MrMrbobblehead says:
    praise ron paul holy ron paul lol
  10. Slobbert says:
    I couldn’t understand 60% of that.
  11. tenzle says:
    what text reader are you using? it’s not bad .. i actually heard a pretty good Obama one too, i wish i could get a hold of
  12. vagitoe says:
    Join the Cult of Ron Paul, our lord and savoir.

    Ron Paul 2012

  13. DrRonPaul4President says:
    This is only the beginning, expect us! BTW, check out video called CAUTION! Dollar Collapse CAUTION! It’s a recent message from Ron to You….
  14. InsaneJMan says:
    Change, does not roll in, on the wheels of inevitability.
    But comes through continuous struggle.
    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor.
    It must be demanded by the oppressed.

    Take it. Demand it.

  15. BeanGene says:
    Cool – but I really do want to know why you support the war. It seems to be the primary rift between conservative thinkers.

    If you find your energy has returned send me a message. That way we’re not limited to the 500 character limit.

  16. computerpurple says:
    Hello BeanGene i’ve read your comment response to mine.We will just have to agree to disagree in regards to the iraq situation. i have a different view of that situation. It’s way to long to type out all of what i would like to say. feeling kinda lazy right now to do so. but i did want you to know i read what you have to say about this.
  17. BeanGene says:
    Labels like cult give the overall feeling of some nefarious purpose. I don’t think it is wrong to ask our representatives to uphold the guiding principles that formed this nation. I’m not really upset just weary of misunderstanding. Often people are alarmed when major shifts occur on the political scene and when trying to alert others they sometimes get carried away. I support national defense/self-defense; I just don’t agree with aggression & occupation. That doesn’t make me a cult member.
  18. computerpurple says:
    Hello BeanGene clearly i upset you by writting what i did for that im sorry. At the time i posted what i did , well let me just say this i am SO tired of some ron paul supporters obession over CRF the way it is talked about it’s as if CFR is a satanic cult. As for ron paul himself im sure he is a nice man. I strongly disagree with him on the issue of iraq.
  19. BeanGene says:
    If by cult defined as an obsessive devotion to a person or ideal and such ideal is properly understood to mean the guiding principles of the individual’s natural right to exist and govern oneself. To abhor a renegade government that operates with reckless disregard for it own laws. For fully understanding collectivism is the governments siren song to Tyranny and Bills of Credit (Federal Reserve Notes) are illegal. Then the descriptive word is only Americanism.
  20. computerpurple says:
    It’s now official the ron paul movement is a cult. get over your self.
  21. InTheSticks1881 says:
    Excellent message and whole heartedly agree.
  22. nextdimensions says:
    A little work on the voice is needed. There must have been some technical limitations regarding that. Thank you for the video though. I hope more anonymous voices come out as the economy unfolds into reality. After the “summer rebound” doesn’t happen, people will start to listen to Ron Paul again. There will then only be 30-60 days until the election. Everyone stay on your toes and alert.
  23. Tralman1965 says:
    Stick a fork in him, he’s done!
  24. tommyhorne2k says:
    I sure as hell am not going to give up! March 15th will be the win or fail. I VOTE WIN! Go anonymous!!!
  25. toxicman2021 says:
    feels like i,m in the matrix

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