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Miami Attorney, Foreclosure Defense Avoid Foreclosure,Stopping Foreclosure, short sale. or call (888) 445-2851. Are you in foreclosure or facing a possible foreclosure proceeding against your home? If so, are you looking for ways to stop foreclosure? If this is you, then you may want to keep reading this article. We fight foreclosure cases. As attorneys concentrating on this area, we know how to defend foreclosure. Some delay and stop foreclosure, and we will help you to win and free the property of the mortgage by using foreclosure defenses, The Saenz Law Firm defends Florida homeowners rights to stay in their houses when facing foreclosure by banks and mortgage companies. We serve clients throughout the state. We defend home foreclosures with the aim of winning and keeping you in your home. News Why Lenders Cannot Find Mortgage Notes It seems like the mortgage note would be a basic piece of paperwork a mortgage lender would have readily available. However, with the way mortgages (primarily subprime mortgages) have been sold, re-sold, and re-sold again over the past 5 years the paperwork hasn’t always kept up with the sales transactions. If this is the case with your mortgage company and you ask them to produce your original mortgage note and they cannot, then they may not legally be able to proceed in a foreclosure against you until they can locate the note. If this is the case you may have some time to work something out to keep your home. Visit http or call (888) 445-2851.


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