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More taxes to save US from bankruptcy?

The latest US government efforts to raise the country’s mammoth 14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling, have collapsed – after a Republican opposition leader walked out of negotiations with President Obama. Unless the government can agree to raise the debt limit by August the 2nd – the country will be unable to pay its bills and will have to declare default. And the effects are being felt already – as the US Federal Aviation Authority, which oversees all civil flights, begins to shut down. But critics say that it’s unlikely either side will offer a solution, be it more taxes or spending cuts. RT’s New York resident – Lori Harfenist, went onto the streets of the Big Apple to gauge public opinion on more taxation. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:


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25 Responses to "More taxes to save US from bankruptcy?"

  1. vechorik says:
    I’m right wing. Stop the waste and stupid-spending first. Then close tax loopholes. Then, if the US must have new revenue, get millionaires off government benefits of any kind: farm subsidies, VA, Social Security, Medicare, green energy……then we’ll talk about a national sales tax to get some money from crooks/illegals………then talk about raising taxes after those things have been taken care of.
  2. jesse2076 says:
    why are they asking people who are not from the USA?
  3. MarmaladeINFP says:
    @louis345 I’m not going to argue about gold & silver. I’m tired of right-wing libertarian dogmatism.
    Raising taxes creates economic growth in a way any intelligent & informed person would understand. Taxes fund public education, higher education, scientific research such as medicine, technological development such as the internet, regulatory agencies that ensure such things as food safety & beneficial business practices like Glass-Steagall, & infrastructure such as roads, bridges & clean water.
  4. haywood16 says:
    @dyne313 get a job.
  5. dyne313 says:
    @haywood16 Poor sad and lonely troll.
  6. newhoped says:
    @JRV95 They’re not really as fucked as America but if the US does go down it’ll probably cause another world world recession.
  7. WildPhoenix01 says:
    Watch out Monday, as the stock market will likely fall 700 points or more.
    Do what the republicans plan on doing and buy heavily into the market when it gets shocked lower. The whole thing does sound like a deliberate attempt to manipulate the stock market, and knowing that, playing their game with them will prove quite profitable.
  8. aikenbcd says:
    Just look at the numbers:
    2.2 trillion income
    3.8 trillion expenses
    14.3 trillion debt.

    That is like a person making 40,000 Dollars a year, spending 69,000 Dollars per year having 260,000 Dollars of debt.

    Now consider the US economy is weak and will probably soon need bailouts again. Then the EU is nearly broke, too and China is getting bigger and bigger.

    So figure our fictional person is about to be fired and an asian dude is applying for his job.

    I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

  9. aikenbcd says:

    Because the Gold is not there for this purpose. Gold is there so if the whole thing goes down the toilet they can still pay soldiers to protect their asses. Or maybe if there is a hyper inflation and the Gold price increases by the factor 30 as a result of this it will suffice to pay of all the national debt.

  10. haywood16 says:
    @dyne313 yea Hamburger College DICKBREATH!
  11. TheDemonDakki says:
    faith of good using tax money via government bureaucrats is a faith of fool … looks like there are many fools in the USA believing this socialist propaganda telling ‘pay more taxes and government will build you a better state’ … reality looks that: you pay 100$ taxes -> 25$ is for keeping the administration, 25$ will be corrupted, 25$ will be spend on some non important things (like oil-wars, helping those who don’t want help themselves -> social security ) … in the end it stays 25$ … ;]
  12. MidnightRambler73 says:
    @KesslersCross Well, we’re not perfect up here, we got some probs as well but not like most of the other G8 countries. Part of the reason we’re doing better is because we have so much in natural resources…mining of all kinds, oil and gas, lumber-forestry etc. But in regards to banks and the financial system, we have rules about how those institutions can operate…nobody up here could get the same kind of subprime loans like what killed the market in the US. You’re welcome up here anytime!
  13. allanfr1961 says:
    @JRV95 Yes but it was up to Bush to fix the problem’s just like he promised,now it is down to Obama who can not fix the problem because there already to deep in deat,42trillion dollar’s is alot i did not know there was that much money in the world.
  14. BobbyWarrenMiller says:
    Former US Senate candidate B.W. Miller says, “Our goal is to control all of Europe. We have troops in most European countries and the ironic thing is these Europeans think we are there to help protect them. The Devil’s best trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist. We are sociopaths, not capitalists. We either control the world or we will destroy it.”
  15. JRV95 says:
    @allanfr1961 George Bush this, George Bush that. Pointing fingers isn’t going to do a thing. I think this is the biggest problems with our politicians today. They spend half of their time living in luxury and the other half they spend attacking other politicians for their equally luxurious lifestyle.

    The deficit started a long time ago but it wasn’t until Bush when people started getting worried about it. I’m not a professional but anyone can see that we are going nowhere.

  16. JRV95 says:
    @divinegod102 The entire world is fucked if America is fucked.

    It’s absolutely crazy how much money has been invested into American assets.

  17. KesslersCross says:
    @MidnightRambler73 That would be a dream come true friend. I dont know very much about canada sadly but I only hear great things from your govt. From what I know you guys really got it together….unlike our crippled country. Our enemy is our government no doubt. Until there is a REAL non political revolution here, there will never be a change.
  18. stevo7281 says:
    fair play though the people arnt moping about like loosers
  19. garyburtka says:
    Fire all of the existing crappy politicians (all of them) and start over with some that don’t all need to make 6 figures plus illegal kick backs.
  20. vonfeldt7 says:
    “It’s up to your government to use those funds well” – And here’s where the problem arrises.

    Personally, I think spending nearly 1/4 of our GDP on so called “defense” while at the same time cutting funding for research, education, etc is fiscally irresponsible, at best.

  21. task2010 says:
    my question as an american is why in the fuck did we barrow money in the first place
  22. bywukime says:
    i think the USA should just stop giving away money to every country that’s in a good relationship with her like they have all the money in the world
  23. allanfr1961 says:
    America you better not go broke because then you will drag us english down with you as we will have to help you fuck you George bush.
  24. johnnystorm28 says:
    As much as I hate US, my job is at stake right now as the deadline approaches. :-(
    OBAMA, act quickly, where is the change you ******?
  25. MidnightRambler73 says:
    @KesslersCross Move your business to Canada. Canada’s economy did take a little beating in the recent global financial crisis, but nothing compared to other industrialized nations. No housing market collapse. No banks collapse. Just this morning, a report came out that Canada’s banking system is in very good shape. The public debt is manageable. Our dollar is currently trading at $1.06 US…worth more now than the US. Besides this, I would rather have Americans move here than certain

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