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Mortgage Broker – Mortgage Refinancing Australia

When looking to refinancing your existing mortgage ensure you use a mortgage broker like Gain Financial Solutions who is a member of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia). Remember! its not always about the lowest interest rate, ensuring you find the right home loan product that suits your need can help you to pay off you home sooner and save you on interest paid. Gain Financial Solutions can show you how with our state of the art Home Loan Calculators “We are not just a Mortgage Broker, we are you Personal Mortgage Adviser”


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  2. Can a person on the title but not the mortgage stop me from refinancing? I have a loan contract with a person on the title (individual property grant deed) in which the contract for...

  3. Where do I find current information about mortgage modification, refinancing, and new mortgage rules? There is a lot of talk about mortgage modifications, refinancing and new mortgage rules, but most info is so basic...

  4. We are refinancing mortgage now, do not know what is the best deal to choose from? We are changing our mortgage from 30 yr/fix to 15 yr/fix. Is it wise to pay more money to lower...

  5. mortgage refinancing? my spouse is in process of refinancing on home. My credit score is slightly below to receive a certain rate....

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