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Mortgage Help For California Homeowners Through Mortgage Settlement

California homeowners will be getting mortgage help through a new mortgage settlement. Rich Iacovetta with RMI Lending explains how mortgage relief will come to some California homeowners that are upside down on their mortgage through a settlement with the country’s five largest banks for mistakes made during their foreclosure process.The mortgage help will come in the form of a mortgage refund for some and a principal reduction for others. A man finds out he can’t buy a house because his current bank is reporting him as being dead on his credit report. Steven Seagal is in trouble and being sued for his antics in trying to break up a cockfighting ring with a tank

Shemwell on Shemwell The Business of Marketing Episode 4. Event: On February 9, 2012, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, Ally/GMAC, and JPMorgan Chase reached a billion Mortgage Settlement with state attorneys and the federal government.


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2 Responses to "Mortgage Help For California Homeowners Through Mortgage Settlement"

  1. rmivideos says:
    Thanks Cliff for the comment. You are a man who knows what’s going on!
  2. cliffkeith says:
    Good show Rich. I like the $18B the banks have to give up to consumers as punishment to them for being “bad boys and girls” Seeing the total lost to homeowners was 41.66 times more here in California. Now that’s meaningful punishment. sic

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