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Mortgage Refinancing agents/experts/specialists in New Jersey?


I want to know how to get the information of Refinancing agents for Home Mortgage. For example, our term insurance was handled by agent who took in our info, ran the numbers, spoke to companies and brought us few options/choices we can select.

Do we have someone like that for home mortgage refinancing? Thank you in advance for all your help


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2 Responses to "Mortgage Refinancing agents/experts/specialists in New Jersey?"

  1. Noneya says:
    Yes, its called a mortgage banker/broker. They will shop various lenders to find you the best rate and terms for your refinance.
  2. Ray Smith says:
    I know the mortgage lenders at new jersy.

    http://www.refinancing is a new jersy’s leading direct online lender dedicated to delivering the best and easy mortgage refinance loan online at very low rate of interest since 1996.

    Good Luck…!

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