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Mortgage Refinancing | Foreclosure Solutions

One of the questions we frequently get from when were talking with clients is what happens when Im working with my bank but Ive been served with foreclosure papers? That happens all the time and what does the bank say to you? Dont worry about it were working on a modification.


  1. Mortgage Refinancing | Options We hear it every day where clients come in and say the bank said, If I dont make this...

  2. What are the differences between going to different lenders for a Mortgage refinancing? I am working with my original lender to refinance my house, but I’m curious as to what advantages I have...

  3. How does mortgage refinancing work? Does your new lender inform your old lender? If you have a mortgage loan from a bank and went to a different bank for refinancing. What is your...

  4. Mortgage Information : What is Mortgage Refinancing? Mortgage refinancing is any mortgage activity, usually when a home owner takes out a second mortgage for repairs, to...

  5. Mortgage Refinancing | Obama Loan Modification explained Hi, Im attorney Brian Corey and Ive handled foreclosures and mortgage modifications throughout south Florida for hundreds and hundreds...

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