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Mortgage Refinancing in Canada Todays economic climate is beset by the unpredictable daily rise and fall of the stock markets, changing laws and regulations, along with shifting interest rates and bond yields which directly impact mortgage rates.


  1. We are refinancing mortgage now, do not know what is the best deal to choose from? We are changing our mortgage from 30 yr/fix to 15 yr/fix. Is it wise to pay more money to lower...

  2. mortgage refinancing? my spouse is in process of refinancing on home. My credit score is slightly below to receive a certain rate....

  3. Mortgage Refinane And Mortgage Refinancing Scenarios Video For mortgage refinance options and assistance, call 416 464 4113 and speak directly to Toronto mortgage broker Joe...

  4. mortgage refinancing to increase my investment portfolio? I am in mid twenties and have a house that is fully paid up. The rental income is around 5%/annum....

  5. How do you go about refinancing your mortgage? I have a 5 year interest only mortgage and just closed on my condo 4 months ago. It appears rates...

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