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Mortgage Refinancing | Obama Loan Modification explained

Hi, Im attorney Brian Corey and Ive handled foreclosures and mortgage modifications throughout south Florida for hundreds and hundreds of clients. What Im here today to talk to you to you about is how I can help you or you can help yourself.


  1. Where do I find current information about mortgage modification, refinancing, and new mortgage rules? There is a lot of talk about mortgage modifications, refinancing and new mortgage rules, but most info is so basic...

  2. What’s the difference between home loan modification and mortgage refinancing? home loan modification vs mortgage refinancing, are they the same thing? {answer} ...

  3. Florida Foreclosure Explained by Oppenheim Law on Croatian TV Foreclosure Defense Attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim contributes to a Croatian TV report on foreclosure in Florida....

  4. Obama To Push Help For Mortgage Refinancing Seeking to circumvent congressional opposition, President Obama will promote a series of executive branch steps aimed at jumpstarting the...

  5. Save Your Home | Anna Cuevas | Loan Modification Guru Get detailed information about loan modifications, and what they really mean to a homeowner. Save Your Home is...

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