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Mortgage Squatting – CNN

With foreclosure looming and powerless to do little else, troubled homeowners trying to hang onto their home are being advised to just stay in their homes despite foreclosure proceedings.


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25 Responses to "Mortgage Squatting – CNN"

  1. TheAmycharron says:
    I have lived the hellish nightmare for fighting for my only child. I was illegally evicted from my beautiful home over a escrow scam. On top of proof of an illegal foreclosure my child at 2 yrs old was unlawfully kidnapped about 2 yrs before my home was stolen. Wells Fargo is full of fraud. Please you tube my name Amy Charron and Gov. Rick Perry and you tube my name as well. I lost everything illegally just for fighting for my girl and still no justice. This injustice should never of happened!
  2. dnari9 says:
    This congress woman is sending the wrong message, the squatting does not stop with there foreclosed home, when they eventually get kicked out they will go to another vacant home. This squatter woman and her kids are all scum bag pigs, the police should have drag them out like garbage. I have the same situation, they broke into my house change the locks and claim they have a lease, the police cann’t touch them. I have to spend money to take them to court and try to get these parasite to leave.
  3. ANYSIA000 says:
    You can get on the biggest lawauit against the banks in the counrty go to icansuemylender. com or call 1-866-967-9993 to be apart of this lawsuit and sue your lender!!! They can also delay your foreclosure!
  4. lorenzooliver714 says:
    If your one of these people that have been abused by the banks visit this website to save your home (icansuemylender . com) the reason the website name is separated youtube wont let you post websites as comments. Please look at this if you want to save your home. IT SAVED MINE!!
  5. trapptowers says:
    THIS CRISES IS FROM THE BANKS AND GOVERNMENT,if you are being forclosed, cancel your insurance, file bankruptcey,get a electric fryer,fill it with oil,turn it on HI, and leave. thats the best way to SCREW the banks.and if asked,you can say oh! i must have forgotten.
  6. divabikinis says:
    The Federal Trade Commission today stepped up its ongoing campaign against scammers who falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn. “Operation Empty Promises,” a multi-agency law enforcement initiative today announced more than 90 enforcement actions including FHTM.
  7. spectrum0590 says:
    Finally, their are people understand the situation of its constituents. On how people suffering because of foreclosure homes.
  8. Joe11Blue says:
    Almost all of these Banks are insolvent in the first place.
  9. pherronii says:
    @NewtonsTaco one thing that could go wrong is the discovery that the big banks have been getting away with the biggest heist in history. The revelation that they signed up as many bad loans as possible, and bundled them into securites to sell to investors, rating them as AAA credit worthy investments, when they knew good and well these bundles were FULL of high risk liar loans. That is a crime, they have a duty to their clients to provide due dilligence, not lies. this brought the economy down!
  10. pherronii says:
    Interesting that CNN soft pedals the issue of the note, saying that the banks “have a hard time finding the note, adding a delay to foreclosure”. Haha, its far beyond “hard time finding the note”, THEY CAN”T FIND THE NOTE AT ALL! God forbid they should tell the american public this on national T.V. Every home onwer in the U.S. would be storming their bank to produce the note, because without it they have no legal standing, period. there is no replacement for the original wet signature note.
  11. quillpen61 says:
    We need our own money based on the constitution, with NO INTEREST.
  12. airwickairwick says:
    pay your mortgage ape!
  13. NewtonsTaco says:
    I work with someone who is doing this same thing, he’s buying new computers, two huge lcd television’s and the newest ipod. Seems like some people just don’t want to pay their bill’s. Want to live in the U.S. legally-O.K! Don’t want to pay your mortgage-O.K! Hire undocumented worker’s to fill American job’s-O.K.!
    I hope every single person in the U.S.stops paying their mortgage! What could go wrong?
  14. SexyMelon says:
    No crisis people. Everything if fine. Everything is normal.
  15. wildpeachatl737 says:
    And like I said, in GEORGIA, if there is a non-judicial foreclosure on record and the new owner files eviction papers and you ignore them or the case is not ruled in your favor – which assuming, if one chooses to squat they will do either one or the other – they CAN and WILL legally put your things in the street and you have no legal recourse. Laws vary from state to state and this is not sound advice for those who live in Georgia.
  16. SuicideSeattle says:
    Like I said they can not throw your things in the street that is destruction of property and is illegal in any state. There is no legal right for them to throw it out in the streets and break the law. All they can do is let it sit in the house until you are able to collect it or give you 24 hour notice that they are putting it in storage and send you the bill for that. If anyone ever throws your stuff on the streets report it and then take them to court to seek damages for the property.
  17. wildpeachatl737 says:
    Not if there is a legal foreclosure on record, they can and will and it’s all within the law. They may not literally throw it in the street, but they certainly can remove your property out of the premises, secure it and arrest you if you try to re-enter as you become a trespasser once the evicition warrant has been posted and served. At least that’s how it works in Georgia.
  18. SuicideSeattle says:
    It is illegal for a sheriff or anyone from law enforcement to throw your things out in the street. Because that is destruction of property. Law enforcement is only allowed to uphold the law not allowed to break the law.
  19. wildpeachatl737 says:
    Although squatting may sound like the right thing to do as an activist movement, it’s not very practical, especially here in Georgia. They’ll just get the sheriff to throw your things in the street, as once the foreclosure has gone through, they have the legal right to do so.

    Go to your county courthouse and make sure the chain of ownerhsip of your original mortgage is recorded. If it’s been assigned to MERS, you’ll have to contact them to get that information.

  20. LHoney547 says:
    Stay put and the banks better recognize that people are having foreclosure parties, so buyer beware if you do buy a foreclosed house. Foreclosed party leaves the house gutted, they invite their friends and family and let them take whatever. kitchen cabinets. flooring, copper pipping.. whatever. That means WAKE THE F* UP BANKS. THERE ARE PEOPLE LIVING IN TENTS FOR GOODNESS SAKES.
  21. notu286 says:
    I Agree!!!! Stay put! Thanks Marcy!
  22. result321 says:
    What to expect?
    What to do next?

    Watch ZEITGEIST Addendum

  23. Weapon01 says:
    Good to hear another Congress Critter speaking for We The People.
  24. GamlGandalf says:
    :D  good luck people
  25. banjojambo9 says:
    DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME .we will overcome!!!!!

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