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Mortgage Strike secret revolt revealed SEIU Lerner FULL Uncut Version

FULL Uncut Version. click on “show more” to view info Mortgage Strike secret revolt revealed SEIU Lerner FULL Uncut Version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ex-SEIU Official Details Plan to ‘Destabilize’ Economy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coalition bent on Destroying US Capitalism by wealth redistribution ? …. Left’s Economic Terrorism Playbook…. Calls for a nationwide mortgage revolt strike starting first week in may 2011. Strike Plans Starting with JP Morgan Chase Bank in NYC Manhattan. Calling for 500,00 poeple or more to just stop paying their mortgages etc., Lerner’s plan is to organize a mass, coordinated “strike” on mortgage, student loan, and local government debt payments–thus bringing the banks to their Knee’s, to the edge of insolvency. Scheduled to start in May 2011. Updated: March 24th 2011 …. STUNNING SECRET REVEALED..CHASE EMPLOYEE TELLS ALL…BANKS ARE IN THE FORECLOSURE BUSINESS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ borrowers revolt, mortgage strike. mortgage revolt.. Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan Chase UNCUT TAPE Former SEIU Official Reveals. CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan Chase, Crash The Stock Market Wall Street, And Redistribute Wealth In America Calls for a mortgage strike in may 2011. Specifically, the plan seeks to destroy JP Morgan Chase, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street’s grip on power, thus creating the conditions


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25 Responses to "Mortgage Strike secret revolt revealed SEIU Lerner FULL Uncut Version"

  1. a2zhandi says:
    Even though it was all you greedy sheep that took the bait and spoiled yourselves rotten, They (the bankers & wallstreat) MUST be held accountable for fraud. And probably a host of other charges.
  2. jujubmuse says:
    I remember this when it came out, and this whole OWS thing is no surprise to me because of this. I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to be, but these 1960s progressives are sure determined to “eat the rich,” and students are mindlessly following because it’s “cool” to say “down with the man” and “f* the police.”

    Sadly, it isn’t entirely corporations fault that we have a depression. Our GOVERNMENT isn’t doing anything to fix the debt and made it worse by promoting companies to outsource.

  3. LeftyontheRight says:
    @Ultranothing I know of someone here on YT who uploaded each episode of GB fox show over the tear (that’s how I watched it) he has a few different account – CaptainUSA, I’m sure he has it somewhere if you can find out the date
  4. gostlbirds11in11 says:
    3/22/11 is the date of the program that aired portions of this video according to GB on the 10/24/11 program. There is a video with the title “Glenn Beck with stephen Lerner audio ” that does not specify the date of airing, but features this recording.
  5. Ultranothing says:
    @LeftyontheRight No, it’s not the one. I just spoke with someone at Mercury, and I’m trying to get an airdate for the FOX NEWS Glenn Beck show that featured the video.

    If you know the air date of the GB show that aired the video I can most likely find it.

  6. LeftyontheRight says:
    #OccupyWallstreet was announced FIRST here in this meeting – Check the 10:00 minute mark and PAY ATTENTION – This is not grassroots it is Marxism/Socialism/Communism trying to tear down America
  7. LeftyontheRight says:
    @Ultranothing I’m not sure – but I’m downloading it now to keep just in case.
  8. Ultranothing says:
    Is this the video that Glenn Beck said tonight was “scrubbed” from the internet and that they couldn’t find?
  9. rebth1st says:
    This is evil on display. These people are truly evil because they have no qualms destroying peoples’ lives for their own agenda. Totally evil!
  10. westchesterny says:
    what country are the speakers really from? they seem to know nothing at all about American Oral Tradition, as its known by generational Americans. To them, the idea that bankers make money on interest seems very novel, like they just learned this or something, lol. Sounds like a lower-middle-class (socializing class) meeting (like school teachers, low level civil “servants,” etc.) It’s a weird social class, very split in its perceptions, often also very new to the country, seems like.
  11. estilfields says:
    I agree that we need to better educate Americans on how interest is charged and maybe institute some laws to make the lenders liable for smoke and mirror tactics they use in duping folks into buying things they cant afford. To suggest that we should not pay our loans in hopes to collaps our economy is just flat out wrong.
  12. TheJoozie says:
    @keggs1961 sure! that would be nice! but you don’t get to sign a contract with someone/thing and then just walk away because you FEEL like it. Massive restrictions on wall street is ALSO unconstitutional. You can’t have one and not the other. Steve Lerner would like to “progress” past our constitution. And equal playing field never makes an equal outcome. It can’t. Everyone in this country starts out equal. what you DO with it is where it goes south.
  13. keggs1961 says:
    @joe035 I agree with your thoughts on the Founders, however I do not think they intended Multi- National Corporations to control every aspect of our lives. This is the only part of their arguement I agree with, We need to get the Money out of politics and place term limits on every elected official.
  14. keggs1961 says:
    @TheJoozie Let’s start with what the Federal Government should be doing. Even the playing field by ending free trade, Term limits on all elected officials, And most of all, end the Federal Reserve and the stranglehold they have over our economy. End usury once and for all, create a simple tax code…flat tax. Put massive restrictions on Wall Street and close the revolving door that leads directly to the White house…and the list goes on…
  15. pttugasuk says:
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  16. TheJoozie says:
    @joe035 Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

    I have hundreds of these quotes that were given to the senate. It’s all a scam to redistribute $. GW was all over it until the first senate report came out. Not that he’s not a globalist, but he didn’t want to be THE ONE. LOL

  17. TheJoozie says:
    @joe035 “Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receiving any funding, I can
    speak quite frankly….As a scientist I remain skeptical…The main basis of the claim that
    man’s release of greenhouse gases is the cause of the warming is based almost entirely
    upon climate models. We all know the frailty of models concerning the air-surface
    system.” – Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Joanne Simpson
  18. TheJoozie says:
    @HailstormPhoenix I’m set for a long period of time for either a natural disaster or an economic one. Talk about buying captain crunch with food stamps? LOL you’ll be standing in a govt cheese line and in case you don’t know it, THERE’S NO CHEESE. This banking problem is a problem but it’s being held together by willpower and myth. Trust me, if it all fell down you’d be begging for the “agents” to come to give you a pill and reinsert you into the matrix so you can have your steak again.
  19. TheJoozie says:
    @HailstormPhoenix so while you’re rubbing your hands together like Montgomery Burns thinking of how you’re going to see the collapse of the “rich” and enjoy watching their “ability to be rich” get interfered with, why don’t you come up with a PLAN to feed these people that will be rioting in the streets when they don’t have milk for their kids. It’s always nice to say “screw the man” but do us a favor and at least TRY to think past the nose on your face.
  20. TheJoozie says:
    @HailstormPhoenix one out of seven people in this country are on food stamps and fortunately, I”m not one of them. However, I DO have a debit card that I use when I do my shopping and that would not function at more than 1/2 the retailers in this country. Think about how many times you swiped a card in the last month to buy something or pull cash out. Chase, Morgan, WAMU, Wells Fargo,Bank One, Farmers Saving and Trust, Citibank… these are just a FEW of the banks that will stop functioning.
  21. HailstormPhoenix says:
    @TheJoozie Seriously? You’re afraid you can’t buy Captain Crinch with your food stamp card so you’d rather the corruption stay in play? Hmm.
  22. joe035 says:
    @mphello LMAO the founders knew human nature very well they created 3 branches of government a constitution & a bill of rights to protect us from those entrusted with power. As they knew the whims of the masses could be turned & controlled by tyranical leadership as we have seen with all your commie friends.
    I’ve read enough about your kind of history to know it doesn’t work! You should be thankful you live in the US, many of the countries you think are wonderful dont have a pot to piss in!
  23. joe035 says:
    @mphello I made no mention of Global warming. Oregon has had record cold weather this year to the point the growing season is off by 1 month. I read some of the emails from the scientists who invented global warming which they are rebranding climate change, I found it fascinating how they fudged their data to make it see feasable. I believe we have an impact on our environment but global warming has been proven fraudulent by those who introduced the theory.
  24. joe035 says:
    @mphello Chavez now makes the laws, if he doesn’t like what you have to say he shuts you down, both TV & radio! You can confirm this online if facts have any bearing on your opinions??
    I am for individual freedoms & believe it is stupid to throw people in Prison for drug use.
  25. mphello says:
    The folks whom Chavez shut down must have broken the laws.

    And GW Bush shut down climate scientists and the voices of environmentalists who opposed Bush’s dictatorial regime. And rightwing Obama forces nuclear contamination on us.

    Admit it: you LOVE so-called “communist” countries like USSR and China which love nuclear power and throw people into prison for making marijuana (ironically: there’s nothing about marijuana or nuclear power in Karl Marx’s “Das Capital”)

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