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Mortician or Dental Hygienist ? Realllyy confusedddd ughh !?

Okay so we were talking about careers in school and everything i had 2 jobs in mind which i would want to do in the future. Take in mind im only in the 10th grade still so don’t harp at me or anything. I do plan on going to the community college in my neighborhood were i live in south florida. I know Broward College offers a dental hygienist program and Miami Dade College offers funeral service education. But im so confused about what i want to do.

A dental hygienist is going to me a job that i guess i could grow on and make good money off of, and will always be around in the future in case of lay offs or anything.

But a Mortician is something that i would love to do & have always felt a passion for working with the dead. (don’t call me werid, cause im not)
Im not really sure what a mortician salary is, or if it makes more money ??? or if it may be harder to find a job as…

So i was wondering if you guys could tell me what the difference in how much they earn is ??? pleasee ?

And also some experiences coming from a Dental Hygienist and a Morticians point of view.

thanks :)
oyyy what do you people not understand i dont wanna be a funeral director i want to be a mortician or hygienist and i know they are 2 diffrent jobs ! what did you think i though they are the same ? and yes i know how death is i have smelt it and seen it im not a retard so treat me like one.

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4 Responses to "Mortician or Dental Hygienist ? Realllyy confusedddd ughh !?"

  1. Metal Babe says:
    Those two jobs are SO different. How can you compare that?What could you enjoy doing more for a longer period of time??
  2. Alanna says:
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  3. TX Mom says:
    Just one question: Have you ever smelled death? It’s a strong, encroaching scent that permeates everything. You can’t shower it off, either.

    TX Mom

  4. TexasRiverRat says:
    This may just cause you to look into it more … but I knew a girl that was a licensed funeral director, but she wasn’t a mortician. Apparently there’s a big difference. What she told me was that the funeral director position was just to deal with families, make plans, sell caskets, etc. It didn’t sound like she had anything to do with the real job working with the dearly departed. Check it out. It may make a difference to you.

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