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Moscow Blames Alaska HAARP Project for Crop Loss

Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US ~ FAIRBANKS – The HAARP project in Alaska, the subject of many conspiracy theories, is getting blamed by some in Moscow for the failure of the wheat crop and the smoke that has been choking the city in recent weeks. The Russian government said it will suspend wheat exports until December because of the severe drought that has hit much of the country. “Moscow’s tabloid press has even speculated that the United States orchestrated the heatwave in order to favor its own grain exporters by blasting Russia with harmful rays from a research station in Alaska,” the Guardian newspaper of London reports. But the paranoia goes beyond the comments of some newspaper editors. Andrei Areshev, the deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation, said the real purpose of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project in Alaska is to build a weapon “in order to destabilize environmental and agricultural systems in local countries.” “At the moment, climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries,” he wrote in an article published throughout Russia, according to a news report on the Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty website. “The article has been carried by publications throughout Russia, including International Affairs, a journal published by the Foreign Ministry and by the state-owned news agency RIA Novosti,” the RFE news story stated. It


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25 Responses to "Moscow Blames Alaska HAARP Project for Crop Loss"

  1. koske0084 says:
    @wiznz yes preamtive strike before it kills even more people in other kountries
  2. slicksmitty1 says:
    sweet rainbow colds mean more skittles
  3. cracktober says:
    But seriously, the guy who does the experiment.. the thing that create clouds.. Couldn’t that create clean water for everyone who needs it, just by turning on a generator?
  4. cracktober says:
    Get your filthy hands of me you damn dirty Americans
  5. 011ppo says:
    The rainbow cloud in China(?) sky is HAARP at work.
  6. LUCIDfiIms says:
    have you guys seen this girl?? /watch?v=H1O77RTduig
  7. OrogDeMalfur says:
    ya cuz russia doesnt have the same exact expirement going on
  8. thechangeling613 says:
    @LISNNpublishing George Scherff was Tesla’s assistant. Scherff’s son would always be sneaking around the laboratories, trying to steal information from Tesla for his father. The boy’s name was George. Curious George the book was based on him. And after daddy Scherff stole cataclysmic technolgies, he sent his son to the United States, where we all know him today as George Herbert Walker “poppy” Bush.
  9. lumeriam says:
    HAARP is supposed to be down now, is it? Chemtrails are up again in far Northern California on May 1st
  10. onthewall888 says:
    @GeniusIQ150 Like most Canadians, you exist off the crumbs from America’s plate. If Canadians despise America and Americans so much then why are there so many of them down here? Same goes for Britain, also.
    Get off your superior attitudes.
  11. wiznz says:
    Need to drop a bomb on haarp facility and end this madness…………..
  12. silyanina says:
    @GeniusIQ150 I’m not american, its just that whenever something unpleasant happens to the russians, they point at america and say “you did it!”
  13. GeniusIQ150 says:
    @silyanina Like most Americans you’re dumb.
  14. jazzmanbop says:
  15. LISNNpublishing says:
    Look up Nicoli Tesla, it is his technology and theory that is the basis for the concept of HARPP.  He theorized that their is enough energy in the atmosphere that if conducted to a storage system with an endless capacity. Everyone on earth would have enough energy to survive, for free. Tesla’s research was all confiscated, but knowledge up if you think I am lying.
  16. ASSY348 says:
    lol they should blame sura
  17. sicx19 says:
    Wow that girl is amazingly beautiful. :-o
  18. anabanana5646 says:
    um what the hell is a haarp
  19. Sholom1000 says:
    Thank You for using the Words of Thomas Jefferson! My Ancestor! And I Agree! When Russia Starts Blaming Nations for Stuff like this – the World better take notice!
    Shalom and God Bless! Jane.
  20. Tarten46 says:
    WOW…i seen this on tv, a family member whos spent 30 years maintaing state of the art submarine hunting tech and is familiar with this type of signal brodcasting just sat there shaking his head. after the show i attempted to record its next airing. there wasnt even a listing for what we had just finished watching!
  21. Tarten46 says:
    perhaps the ruskies might know more about this than they let on.
  22. f13edz says:
    this is indeed the straw that is going to break the camels back.. If we continue this path… Our Earth is going to shake us off and replenish itself like history’s past…
  23. silyanina says:
    Yep, the russians always have to blame someone
  24. dieselphiend says:
    indeed, social-Darwinism… We are going to wipe ourselves out. See rense dot com
  25. dieselphiend says:
    indeed, social-Darwinism… We are going to wipe ourselves out. See

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