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MY BANKRUPTCY DRAMA (it could be you next)

Listen to this!!


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25 Responses to "MY BANKRUPTCY DRAMA (it could be you next)"

  1. BluDove2002 says:
    So true! Your right. I’ve invested over 15 yrs of time in 3 people and nothing to show for that except one divorce and 2 broken engagements! Wow…u hit the nail on the head! These are the worst type investments because there is no insurance or assurance!
  2. Mystin857 says:
    The best part was when you started honking lol. I bet that it’s hard to film while driving. Anyway, great episode!
  3. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @sinsationalfem TY hun!!
    ~NIP 77~
  4. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @JJackeeeeee Thx Jackeeee lol
    ~NIP 77~
  5. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @MannishWaise No you didn’t say 5-10 yrs #LOL
    ~NIP 77~
  6. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @brownjenbron Jen: You are sooo on point boo!!
    ~NIP 77~
  7. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @719kai719 I Totally agree!!
    ~NIP 77~
  8. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @MrCashAtHand Matty you are sooooo RIGHT!!!
    ~NIP 77~
  9. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @lilallnatural1 I hear you LOUD & Clear babe! YW
    ~NIP 77~
  10. nothingsimpossible77 says:
    @phatazzfemm I watched your video responding to this & I totally felt u!!
    ~NIP 77~
  11. keta4332 says:
    thanks! finally someone that know where i’m coming from! i’m glad to hear this! :)
  12. sinsationalfem says:
    another great vid!!!
  13. sinsationalfem says:
    @keta4332 i am so feeling ur comment agree 100%
  14. JJackeeeeee says:
    Great great great video!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. keta4332 says:
    (part 2)
    when i’m not interested, i IMMEDIATELY tell the man, if he’s still trying to convince me to CHANGE my opinion, i disappear IMMEDIATELY b/c i don’t want to waste someone time!
  16. keta4332 says:
    (part 1)
    i agree! you can’t get your time back. time waits for nobody! that’s 1 of the MAIN reasons (it’s more reasons) i 1) am celibate & has no mate 2) keep my social circle SMALL. some men IMMEDIATELY say: i don’t want a relationship; but their actions are the opposite b/c they are doing relationship activities (spending the night, spending time 2gether, introducing her to ALL of his family & friends, gladly meeting her sister, eating in a restaurant 2gether). i refuse to have my time wasted!
  17. MannishWaise says:
    Say that! I guess the only thing we can do hope for the best and prepare for the worst….But it takes me 5-10 years for me to even decide whether or not I want to invest! LOL It’s a daggone shame. That’s all I know.


  18. mrschukwa says:
    @everlastingcurves so true, the only person we can control is ourself and it’s hard trying to do that sometime! it’s also hard trying to love on someone who hurt you or potentially will but pain is bound to happen. what i’m being confronted with now that i’ve been married a hot minute is that i’m no saint and i have too many ishish ways for this lil box right chere! In closing i share this, ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’~Tennyson
  19. aylix89 says:
    people say time is precious and all that but its scary because when time is on your side you never know what to do with it and where it should have been invested
  20. brownjenbron says:
    Hey wise and wonderful woman!! are so right!..and thats why we have to remember , like any other investments, relationships are a gamble, it has it’s “hit’s & missess” ..God bless the rare and few who have been in a relationship or marriage until death they do part!! bless
  21. sarkazzII says:
    @WordSmith79 lol lol…but yea @ rue words! True words!
  22. WordSmith79 says:
    @sarkazzII Miss J went AWF in this video, though! I was laughing kinda hard. True words! True words!
  23. sarkazzII says:
    @WordSmith79 #LOL @ Pray saints!
  24. 719kai719 says:
    This real talk! Be careful of the time you invest in a person, esp when they are showing you signs along the way that your just one of many options!
  25. MrCashAtHand says:
    Great video Jackie!! As long as it doesn’t make us “paranoid” because situations like Arnold’s could make us miss out on the opportunity to be with a real good quality person for our lives because we would steadily be on our guards. Keep sharing that knowledge Jackie because we all do need it :D

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