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My friend does not have money to file Bankruptcy what can he do?

My friend needs to clean up his credit but has gotten himself so much in debt he can afford to pay for bankruptcy. Are there any programs that can help him file. Every place we have called wants 1500.00 to file.


  1. how do i file for bankruptcy without money to pay for a lawyer? i have no money. nobody to help me pay either. i’ve worn out all my financial resources. no job. how...

  2. What happens after I file bankruptcy on furniture I still Owe Money on? I am going to file bankruptcy on everything that I own. I recently bought furniture and bought it from “in...

  3. I have $110,000 in credit card debt. can’t afford min. payments. What is the best solution besides bankruptcy? I do not want to file bankruptcy, but can’t afford even the minimum on my credit cards. I’ve heard of...

  4. Can you file for bankruptcy without a lawyer? I need to file for bankruptcy but I can’t afford to get a lawyer. Can anyone help me out about...

  5. I need to sell my home or file for bankruptcy. Are there any other alternatives? I am in a bind… My wife left me and I cannot afford my mortgage without her salary. She does...

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