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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Consolidation and Refinancing » My mother has a lot of credit card debt and asked me to research debt consolidation.?

My mother has a lot of credit card debt and asked me to research debt consolidation.?

She has over $25,000 of debt and has trouble making the minimum payments. We do not own a home and pay rent and auto loan monthly as well as the usual expenses. I looked at debt consolidation loans, and debt counseling sites and there is so much conflicting information. Anyone who has gone through the same or works in the field any advice?


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10 Responses to "My mother has a lot of credit card debt and asked me to research debt consolidation.?"

  1. spifiman1 says:
    Try consumer credit counseling. I used them several years ago and they used to be free. They will consult with your Mom’s credit card companies and help her out. It will show on her credit, but at this point she has no business applying for more credit anyway.
  2. devil dogs says:
    Your mother needs to change the way she looks at, thinks about money. RESPECT money. LEARN how to acquire it. LEARN how to SAVE it. Stop living off credita cards. Stop buying things you do not need. Tough situation got herself into. Can be done, but needs to take DESPERATE measures to over come. Must live off barest of essentials. Store brands of goods, not nationally recognized brands. Get rid of cable tv, and other perks of life. PAY down the debt. It will get more out of control. Sell the car. get cheaper mode of transportation. Must make sacrifices an this point.
  3. sarge927 says:
    When my first wife and I got in over our heads with credit card debt we got help from Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Ventura County, California.

    The way it works is like this: They work with your creditors to get them to lower your monthly payments or interest (or both) and you send Consumer Credit a money order every month so they handle your bills. There are three catches: (1) As they pay your bills off one by one, your monthly payment doesn’t go down — you keep paying the same amount until all of your bills are paid off. (2) You have to pay them every month by cashier’s check or money order so they know your check won’t bounce, and if you miss a payment your creditors can demand payment in full immediately. (3) You have to cut up all your credit cards and turn them in, and while you’re on their plan you can’t get any new credit cards or unsecured credit accounts — we’re not talking mortgage or car loan here; they mean like a line of credit with a furniture store — and if you do they’ll turn your accounts over to collection agencies and your creditors can again demand payment in full immediately.

    My wife and I had over $10,000.00 in credit debt when we started, and it took us about three years to get it all paid off but we got a break on the payments and we got out of debt. Once we were finished, Consumer Credit helped us work with the major credit reporting agencies to get our credit scores raised. Haven’t had a problem abusing credit since.

    P.S.: DO NOT go with Consolidated Credit Counseling Service. A friend of mine went with them and because of a stupid mistake they made a bunch of his creditors demanded payment in full. It took him over a year and a lot of money that he really didn’t have to straighten it out, and they basically told him they weren’t going to do anything about it because “they met their contractual obligations.” If you check them out with the Better Business Bureau you’ll find they have a long list of complaints out against them. Avoid them at all costs.

  4. Faye H says:
    My first question is why isn’t your mother doing this herself? Not that you aren’t good at it but maybe this is part of the problem and why she got into $25,000 in debt in the first place, e.g., she’s not very good at being responsible?

    Having said that, be careful of credit counseling services. There are some that are very good and can be a godsend but there are others that you’ll just wind up deeper in debt. Make sure you understand their contract. Make sure you know exactly what it is going to cost and make sure you follow through and get the bills paid off and for goodness sake, tell her to stop using the cards and going even deeper into debt.

    But this is something she is going to have to face up to and do on her own at some point. You didn’t say how old you are but you should not be bailing your mother out of debt no matter what your age. She got herself into this so she needs to work at getting out of it. If she doesn’t, it’s not going to mean anything to her in the long run and she’ll wind up in debt again.

    Take a look at the websites below.

  5. princess_bluerose says:
    The best advice I can give you is to go to this website: , debt consolidation is the worst thing you could do! Go to this site and listen to the show, buy the book and you can get out of debt if you follow Dave’s advice. Plus, once you are out of debt GET RID OF THE CREDIT CARDS!!! Dave’s advice has kept me out of debt. I started listening before I got any credit cards, or any other debt. I thank his program every day, because I now have CASH to pay for things that I need or want and I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay for it later.
  6. Maggy G says:
    I worked with the below company to comparison-shop and get a good quote. Home ownership is not required
  7. Brandon G says:
    Many of the companies are different. Nothing will come without sacrifices. No matter what company or service you go with, be sure to check them out completely. She has many options but must be careful not to be sold by the first company she (or you) contact.
    Also, instead of bashing either of you, I will commend you for helping your mother.
  8. toddrws says:
    We are in the same situation. Married and new kid with lots of bills from remodel, hospital, taxes etc. We are close to 30,000. I called all my credit card company and got the interest rate lowered or transfered to a fixed rate. I set up auto pay so don’t miss any payments and cut up those cards. I got 3 cards one fixed at 3.9, 4.9, and 6.9. We are paying as much as we can on the 6.9 and then 4.9. We have a set amount so we make min payments on the first two till we pay the others off. Set up a BUDGET and stick to it. If you call them ask about getting a fixed locked in low rate. If they don’t budge call again or ask for manager.

    Tell them your in financial bind and they will work with you and set up a lower monthly payment. Also check the interest rates she has and what penalty she is paying. Few phone calls and you can lock in your rate. Then DON’T USE THOSE CARDS.

    It is slow and painful but you will see the progress.

  9. Click says:
    I have placed this in the source box. There is a wealth of information there and a great free debt management software program. I bookmarked the site as I return to it often for the advice it offers. I hope this helps you.
  10. novansa7 says:
    Before considering consolidation or loans, make sure you have exhausted all your options. There are many ways to get extra money every month to take care of your minimum payments and more. The site below offers advice on how to go about this.

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