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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » My student loan is in a default, can I find another lender to refinance so that I can get out of default.?

My student loan is in a default, can I find another lender to refinance so that I can get out of default.?

My chapter seven bankruptcy was recently discharge, prior to filing for bankruptcy, my federal student loans went into default. I was given the opportunity to get out of default via a Rehabilitation program; I made my payments on time over a period of nine months and even while I was in bankruptcy. Now that I am out of bankruptcy, I have the chance to get of out this Rehabilitation program, but the company handling my default collection, AES, is taking forever to release me out of “Rehab”, I still have a negative credit rating on my credit report because of the default and they told me that I will still be required to pay until a lender is willing to refinance my students loans. I did everything I was suppose to do to get out of default and I still am even almost after a year, I am wasting more and more money. What options do I have to take control of this.


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2 Responses to "My student loan is in a default, can I find another lender to refinance so that I can get out of default.?"

  1. Leslie says:
    I think you have to rehab for 13mos on time, every month. Then they will update your account as if you never fell behind, perfect credit. You may also then do your hardship forebearances if you need to. Sounds like you only have 4 months to go? You made 9months of payments, I think you need 13, ask them for sure, but I think thats the program. 4 months is EASY, just do it!
  2. Jennifer K says:
    my understanding of the rehabilitation programs are that it is 12 months, so you are actually closer than you thought

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