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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Consolidation and Refinancing » My tax refund offset due to defaulted student loans would debt consolidation prevent them from taking refund?

My tax refund offset due to defaulted student loans would debt consolidation prevent them from taking refund?

I have some defaulted student loans and I just found out that I wont be getting a tax refund back due to these loans. Now I have 2 dependents to take care of and i need all of my money. I was wondering if i was to consolidate all of my student loans though a debt consolidation agency would that stop the dept of education from taking my tax refund?


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8 Responses to "My tax refund offset due to defaulted student loans would debt consolidation prevent them from taking refund?"

  1. Angela W says:
    No it is too late now to do anything about it. You have to do something like that months before you file ur taxes.
  2. Judy says:
    No. If you had consolidated them several months ago AND MADE REGULAR PAYMENTS SINCE THEN, your refund wouldn’t be taken if your loans were considered to be rehabilitated.
  3. the kid says:
    Too late. They need their money too….
  4. Shadow says:
    This year is gone. You’ll need to consolidate soon, though. If you don’t make a set number of on time payments once you consolidate, you’ll lose next years also.
  5. Amy W says:
    nope too late..shouldnt have waited until the last minute…and I dont get how anyone can default on a student loan..they have deferrments….my lender even has a thing where if you make under a certain amount you can pay it off in 25 years instead of the standard 10…but i dont have to pay still in…shouldnt your degree have gotten you a good enough job that you shouldnt be struggling that much? sorry..dont mean to sound harsh, it just bugs me when people default on a student loan when it is so easy to use another option.
  6. Tonya says:
    If you haven’t already filed your taxes you should call 1-800-304-3107 and they’ll give you the name and number of your creditors. Call them and set up a payment arrangements for like 50.00 a month. It may take up to 4week for them to update their system but, you can get your refund back. Make sure you keep making your payments. Good Luck
  7. Jennifer says:

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  8. Rex says:
    no i think it cannot stop it
    even tough if you made regular payments form then and i hope your refund will not be taken
    hope it helps you

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