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Myths and Legends Bankruptcy UK

James Nicholls Insolvency Solicitor reveals some myths about UK Bankruptcy James has his own firm Nicholls & Co based in Birmingham. Nick Greer interviewing is from Integrity http

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2 Responses to "Myths and Legends Bankruptcy UK"

  1. MrMrBilko says:
    No but on a serious note I think there`s a criminal almost mafia element in the banking industry. Its like a form of slavery in that there is never´╗┐ NEVER enough money in circulation to pay of all the interest on the debt owed by the society so people are guranteed to be forced into bankruptcy. However when the mafia banks carnt pay their debts we all need to pay for them as well as ourselves. How long will it be before we rise up against this criminal system.
  2. MrMrBilko says:
    Bankrupt Gays Everywhere LOL´╗┐

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