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need a good student loan consolidation company. any ideas?

I need to consolidate my private student loans quickly. And possibly my federal loans as well. Need help finding an appropriate company.


  1. What’s the best student loan consolidation company? I’m looking to consolidate a bunch of my federal student loans. I get tons of offers in the mail, but...

  2. Can anyone recommend a good Student Loan Consolidation company? I owe about $8000 dollars in student loans from various companies and I would like to consolidate into one monthly...

  3. Good student loan consolidation lenders? I am looking to consolidate my student loans with a federal consolidation loan. I know the interest rates are based...

  4. any body know of any company that is still doing student loan consolidation? I have a couple of private loans that I need to consolidate so can someone please tell me of any...

  5. What is a good loan consolidation program for Federal and Private student loans? I am looking for a good student loan consolidation program that will take on both my Federal and Private student...

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One Response to "need a good student loan consolidation company. any ideas?"

  1. AMANDA FISHER says:
    Hi, my name is amanda fisher, i was in serious

    need of financial aid due to the current global

    financial melt down finding such was very

    difficult. i was so desperate even to the extent

    that i got scammed to the tune of eight thousand

    dollars.($8,000 dollars).

    But God finally came to my rescue when i came

    across Mr William Smith who eventually secured

    for me the loan that i have so desperately

    wanted. You can reach him via email on


    N.B; Please be careful while searching for

    financial assistance because there are

    fraudsters surfing the internet looking for

    people to swindle of their hard earned money

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