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Need bad bedt loan for debt consolidation – any advice?

I need to find out where I can a debt consolidation loan, even though I have bad credit due to some unforseen circumstances in life. Has anyone gone through this and who do you recommend? What about filing for bankruptcy – how long does that take before the debts are discharged?


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3 Responses to "Need bad bedt loan for debt consolidation – any advice?"

  1. tudorjason (matt) says:
    Bankruptcy is the last resort. Try a credit counseling service or a debt management plan. The only thing they promise is to help you pay your bills and get back on your feet.

    Good luck.

  2. Marry M says:
    need a bad debt loan for debt consolidation .don’t worry its better for you to try for an online loan.i think that the below website will help you to find right solution.
  3. blogger says:
    try here they will be able to give you a free analysis on your debt and consolidate your debt or settle it.

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