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Need student loan rehabilitation and consolidation help!!!?

Hi, My husband just completed the “loan rehabilitation” program through a company called FMS. He did everything as they asked, made a down payment and made 9 on time payments to complete the program. Now they are saying for us to get out of the program and to improve my husband’s credit score, we must sign a loan consolidation form (which they try to tell me ISNT a loan app, but IT IS). There is only ONE loan listed on the form at 8.02% (a G loan they called it) but my husband has several other “D” loans and they aren’t listed. They are saying that unless we sign the form and send it back, we will have to “re-do” the rehabilitation program. I would really like to know if they are trying to trick us. Anyone who has dealt with this type of thing PLEASE help us! Thanks!


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3 Responses to "Need student loan rehabilitation and consolidation help!!!?"

  1. boilersnip says:
    Check out Suze Orman’s website: or Crown Financial Ministries
    They are the 2 sites I turn to in financial crises.
  2. checkmate says:
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  3. samy says:
    I found interesting information about your answer, consolidation for student loans with low interests here.

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