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Neil Garfield on Yield Spread Premiums 1/2

Neil Garfield MBA JD, Wall Street insider and former trial attorney, is the editor of – the leading internet resource on foreclosure defense. In this informative 2-part presentation Neil explains the importance of understanding Yield Spread Premiums as they apply to your foreclosure defense. Neil has just released a 2-disk, 4-hour DVD set – The Garfield Continuum Seminar for Laymen. A version for attorneys follows shortly. The DVD and the accompanying Workbook can be purchased at

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  1. anolmec says:
    Seems to me that Michael Corleone has indeed moved into “legitimate” business, called banking. To top it off how many of these dons, I mean mortgage bankers, have quitely slipped into bankruptcy, and now are tending to their tomatoe garden???.

    thaks neal your the best……and thanks cameronbaxter for putting this up

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