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New Directive to IRS Tax Debt

Article by Ask Bill

IRS tax debt could be described as the amount of money owed by a taxpayer to the Internal Revenue Service in the form of back taxes, filing of returns and other penalties levied by the IRS. Now, this is what David Green did not know. He was under the impression that if he did not file his tax returns for one year, then he would not be penalized. He also was of the opinion that since his mortgage debt was cancelled and since he did not earn any additional income because of the cancellation, he would not have to pay any taxes. Hence he ignored the Form 1099C which his creditor had issued at the time of Cancellation. David felt like he was hit by a bolt of lightning when he received an IRS notification informing him of the amount he owed in the form of back taxes and the penalties!

Since David now had an IRS tax debt, he was at a loss as to what course of action he needed to take. The amount of back taxes that David owed the IRS was $ 10,000. He had asked for a cancellation of debt on his mortgage because he had lost his highly paying job and was currently employed in a retail chain store as its data manager. After his mortgage was cancelled David was just about managing his finances and paying off his credit card debt through a settlement program. His colleagues advised him to approach a tax consultant or a tax attorney. David enquired about tax consultants in his area and was amazed at the amount they were going to charge him in fees for helping him out. Instead, David called the IRS and spoke to the executive who attended his call. He was informed that the IRS tax debt was payable but there were options available for taxpayers which allowed them to make payments in installments and also explained about other options.

He then applied for an offer in compromise. However, the application was rejected on the grounds that there were errors. Added to it, the date by which David needed to file his returns was past and hence penalties were added. David then had no other recourse than to seek help from a tax consultant regarding his debt to IRS. What he did was actually approach a tax debt relief firm to handle his tax debt. The result was that his application for an offer in compromise was approved and as a result, David ended up paying a comparatively lower amount. The tax relief company had experience with such kind of cases and knew the requirements of the IRS well enough to understand the procedure for an offer in compromise and present the case properly.

It might be possible that when an individual or a company provides services to another company, then in case of earnings equal to or more than $ 600, the individual or company will incur an IRS debt and it would need to be reported. As per the new guidelines given out by the IRS, any business, be it small or big, would have to issue a Form 1099 in case of payments made out, to any individual or business or corporation, either as a single payment or cumulatively over a period of one year, for an amount equal to or exceeding $ 600. This would mean that if a small hotel got a plumber to repair its plumbing six times in a year and paid out $ 100 each time the plumber made repairs, then the cumulative payment made to the plumber would be $ 600. Hence the plumber would need to be issued a Form 1099 which the plumber would need to submit to the IRS while filing his businesss tax return. In case the same might not be issued to the plumber, then the company would be penalized as the expenditure would show up while filing the company


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