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North Carolina foreclosures up 25%

Even though there are indications that things are getting better in other parts of the economy, recent statistics say North Carolina foreclosures are up 25%. Now of course this means there has been a spike in single-family dwellings as well as other kind of units in that state, and condo sales are bound to be affected by this recent news as all kinds of different foreclosures are tied together.


The idea, as an investor, is to make sure that you get the best ROI possible, but there are certain features and areas of these foreclosed homes that people will always consider. These almost forgotten spaces can actually bring you a few extra dollars in equity.

For example, there are things you can do to make the garage more attractive to prospective buyers, and although this doesn’t have anything to do with condo sales directly, some ideas are directly tied to the kind of storage you might have seen one of those apartment-style dwellings.

For instance, experts suggest a fresh coat of paint on the inside of the garage will do wonders for the resale value. Finally, it’s a good idea to install a new garage door or front door even if it’s in good shape. Remember the old adage about adding a fresh coat of paint to help resale value also applies to the garage and not just the home itself.

Whether you’re buying with the idea of condo sales down the road or you want to flip North Carolina foreclosures quickly, you need to keep a good eye on those inexpensive renovations.

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