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Not Making Money With PrePaid Legal? Get Solutions… For your free GeneWize Insider’s Report… Call my business partner, David Kelsey for more info (626) 296-3633 If you are not making any money with PrePaid Legal, you might have missed the boat. If you are looking to create a true walk-away residual income, getting in at the ground floor of a revolutionary opportunity is where you want to be. GeneWize is a brand new network marketing opportunity that launches publicly in August of 2008. Tom Wood was one of PrePaid Legal’s top earners and is now THE founding distributor in GeneWize. GeneWize is the marketing arm of a 12 year old biotech company called GeneLink. They are doing DNA testing to formulate a specific, personalized nutritional supplement for each individual’s genetic profile. GeneWize has patents pending on their discover of 12 DNA snips that have been found to be precise indicators of your genetic health. They have over 100 ingredients and 177000 different combinations of ingredients that they mix for you on command and deliver to your door. This IS THE CUTTING-EDGE of nutrition and will undoubtedly revolutionize both the nutritional AND network marketing industries. My partners and I have been invited to be founding leaders in the launch of this new company and we are looking for other leaders to work with hand in hand to bring this company to a level of success never before seen in the industry. We are providing our team members with advanced internet marketing training and education as


  1. Failing in PrePaid Legal? Get Solutions… – For your free GeneWize Insider’s Report… Call my business partner, David Kelsey for more info (626) 296-3633...

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22 Responses to "Not Making Money With PrePaid Legal? Get Solutions…"

  1. MLMsellsSnakeOil says:
    There is no greater admission that MLM/Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme and profitable only for those at the top than saying that by getting in too late you have missed the boat. This is also an admission that those who get in and recruit are perpetrating a fraud upon those who enter late. Is is fair to sell tickets to a flight when the plane has left the airport?
  2. BIDROLLERS says:
    @RIAmbassador Talk to us like a real person and stop talking around us. Bitch. You re nothing but a follower. Thats all you re going to be in life. Prepaid is a scam with house niggaz like you promoting them.
  3. RIAmbassador says:
    Your info is outdated. We just returned from TX; we learned the stats by investors on this legal business. Sorry you missed the boat! Best is yet to come! You shouldn’t promote your own company at the expense of another. Not good business.
  4. beloffmichael says:
    This video is a complete and utter waste of time.
  5. BIDROLLERS says:
    @sailorde1956 Prepaid Elegal is now changing their name to bombumcious legal after getting their biitch tits biitch slapped off nyse. No more bragging. Our multi million dollar dream site beatskeetskeet has destroyed them. Visit and scroll down to the bottom and click on articles. Youll see.
  6. Ferreira018 says:
    total scam lol.
  7. derrickjenkins says:
    @thorlockthemage We exposed prepaid leave-em on our attorneygod website.
  8. soberman72 says:
    I am in Canada and would love to help you out if your looking to join. Call me at (705) 329-4355 Ask for Rob
  9. terrijdyke says:
    As a prepaid legal associate myself, I’m here to tell you that what you are saying couldn’t be further from the TRUTH about our company and how we earn money. Your agenda to promote your own so-called “business” by using our company is way off. You might want to educate yourself with the FACTS before making such a fool of yourself on here….and only a foolish person would listen to you.
  10. afterniatis says:
    @thorlockthemage are you thinking of Amway? Do you have personal experience with PPL?
  11. socaljoebiz says:
    Way to be a dumb blonde… 
  12. LatPrince13 says:
    Many blessings upon you, and if you’re having success in your new venue, GREAT! We’ve been told that even if the business ends up not working out for us, the door to new finances has been opened because we read and listened to good things, and associated with good people. However, I don’t think it’s very ethical to purposely sway associates from growing beyond themselves in PPL. If your heart is so inclined to grow in a new direction, be blessed. Very blessed! It just doesn’t seem right.
  13. AZDynamics says:
    Why are you addressing PPL if your purpose is to promote another company? Is your company that desperate? Are you so desperate that you feel you need to go after PPL associates? Learn how to prospect, young lady. You don’t need to resort to such disgusting tactics.
  14. thorlockthemage says:
    Check it out dude, the dudes at the top of PPL do not make their money from the products you (the associate) sells. They make their money from the “inspirational” products they sell and the conventions they charge you to attend. How much have you spent on inspirational products (including conventions)?

    If you don’t understand that, you deserve to lose time and money. You’ll feel silly in a couple years when you see this going nowhere. Its gonna suck but you’ll get through it.

  15. sailorde1956 says:
    Unlike all the negative bloggers I looked onto it. Prepaid only has .003% market saturation. There’s plenty of opportunity to make a nice living working for youself. But, any self employed business owner will tell you “working for yourself is not easy”. They are a real publically traded company. They are not a quick get rich company.
  16. t5raider7 says:
  17. 535wer says:
    so if you get in early to make the bucks hmmmm must mean its a multi level program then. No wonder so many people hate amway or quixtar and world group.
  18. mrcoffeeQQQ says:
    Where do you get houseplants like that. I like it.
  19. PacApp5 says:
    I want to get involved with Prepaid just to talk to you. I can make it to Executive Director just by being next to you.

    I am in prepaid love, wanna be my service provider?

  20. Lipsmackcutie says:
    same chic that was bashing monavie, whatev not cool
  21. FobSquat07 says:
    are u preepaid
  22. JasonTheWiseOne says:
    another nutrition mlm company. I agree, the prepaid market is saturated. So you make 5 figures a month! How long have you been with this company and how many people do you have under you????????

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