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Not so unique characteristics of a Foreclosure

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3 Responses to "Not so unique characteristics of a Foreclosure"

  1. Angry0212 says:
    oh well…..
  2. SkyOne1111 says:
    Can’t these former homeowners be arrested for theft, or do they have a right to take what’s theirs? Afterall, they probably paid for everything they took 10 times over with all the interest they paid on their home loan. These crooked banks and all the lies they tell people during their Home Loan Modification application and eventually foreclosure drive these people into trashing their homes. Sad, but I don’t blame the homeowner though.
  3. worldsailor128 says:
    Your lucky he did not bulldoze it LOL.
    Lesson to bankers. Dont lie and push fraud on USA.
    People dont have to pay. Indentured servitude is illegal.

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