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Nouriel Roubini Discusses European Debt Relief

Bloomberg — May 18, 2010 — May 18 (Bloomberg) — New York University professor Nouriel Roubini talks with Bloomberg’s Margaret Brennan about Europe’s debt crisis and the outlook for the sovereign relief package from the European Union. (This is an excerpt of the full interview.) Copyright Bloomberg 2010 Nouriel Roubini Debt Relief Package Banking Bond Market News Central Banks Country Economies Credit Crunch Crisis Currencies Economic Europe European Bank Union Financial Services Government Bonds Greece IMF gdp sovereign pigs


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25 Responses to "Nouriel Roubini Discusses European Debt Relief"

  1. fal2grace says:
    @southdakota1001 late summer? i know you really didn’t want an answer:)
  2. southdakota1001 says:
    So, how much longer before the depression starts?
  3. fal2grace says:
    @buffett1000 yes he does
  4. buffett1000 says:
    he does sound rather “automatic” doesn’t he, poor chap.
  5. fal2grace says:
    @eliasmouawad very true
  6. eliasmouawad says:
    “those who can print money”
    what a nice game !
  7. fal2grace says:
    @Hendo1974 yep I think so…thanks hendo.
  8. Hendo1974 says:
    Not a Double-Dip or deep recession but a BLOODY DEPRESSION,PERIOD!!!
  9. fal2grace says:
    @CelticReject I am not prepared… have some precious metals…a bit of stashed food… some bottled water… what about you CR?
  10. CelticReject says:
    @fal2grace How are you preparing F2G?
  11. fal2grace says:
    @TiredOldFart I think so… guess we need to be prepared.
  12. TiredOldFart says:
    This is just the next phase of the rolling theft that will sweep the world.
  13. fal2grace says:
    @doobsta yes they’re totally nuts…and we’d be nuts to believe them.
  14. doobsta says:
    Fake DEBT, the Banksters can keep it and go fuck themsleves…printing a trillion euros to be able to continue to pay interest on debt… joke.

    Tip of the iceberg is right…these Psychopaths have gone bat shit insane!

  15. fal2grace says:
    @spinalfluidontap hey paddy; yes, some of them should be thrown in jail for sure.
  16. fal2grace says:
    @zalida100 good to hear from you zalida
  17. zalida100 says:
    @spinalfluidontap I was reading that the greek prime minister is/was a regular at bilderberg & trilateral comission mmeetings, so I’m not sure about an authentic attempt by him to do anything “good”.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before.
    Cheers matey.

    Thanks 4 vid F2G – Hope you’re doing well.

  18. spinalfluidontap says:
    Who is this fucking douch bag? The answer to the Global Financial Crisis is to throw some of these fucking Economic Terrorists in jail. Not “Austerity Measures.” Austerity simplified is “Rich get richer. Poor get poorer.” The Bankers created this debt with their fraudulant practices. The poor should not have to fund the criminal activities of the rich. The Greek Prime Minister is going to try and take these fuckers to court. He is as good as dead. Fuck you Goldman Sachs.
  19. fal2grace says:
    @0muffins0 right, makes no sense at all
  20. 0muffins0 says:
    This is a debt crisis, not a credit crisis, and their solution is to print money and lend it (with interest) to countries drowning in debt?!?
  21. fal2grace says:
    @Airave hey:)
  22. fal2grace says:
    @justjacqueline2004 i don’t want to pay for it
  23. fal2grace says:
    @Doenietmeermee good question doenie
  24. Airave says:
    At least “the problem has been contained”….
    Still…., same ol’, same ol’….. Old news, lol.
  25. justjacqueline2004 says:
    The elitists are being woken up to losses on their “investments”which they want us poor plebs to suck up-gee no thanks!

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