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Now a word from our National Taxpayer Advocate

Nina Olson talks about the perils of cancellation of debt income, and recommends that you seek professional advice. For more information, go to


  1. what is insolvency? from site as below link states people going through foreclosure (or shortsale, both?) may not be charged with 1099c....

  2. A Debtor And Taxpayer Strike-Is it Coming? – Infinite Dangers, Inc. Thank you all for the many comments you made. I apologize as I didn’t mean for it to run...

  3. Is Social Security Insolvency and the National Debt actually the same thing? Boomers have been paying excess Social Security witholding above what is needed for paying current benefits for many years. Congress...

  4. Personal Bankruptcy in Canada: The B Word Bankruptcy is a scary word. Although bankruptcy provides debt relief, it also conjures up images of losing your home, no...

  5. Insolvency Worksheet Federal Law requires a financial entity to send a taxpayer a “Form 1099C Cancellation of Debt” whenever it cancels or...

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