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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Now Germany is cutting welfare benefits because of insolvency, why is Obama increasing entitlements in the US?

Now Germany is cutting welfare benefits because of insolvency, why is Obama increasing entitlements in the US?

Several other countries – notably Greece, Spain and Portugal – have already embarked on much tougher austerity drives.


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16 Responses to "Now Germany is cutting welfare benefits because of insolvency, why is Obama increasing entitlements in the US?"

  1. KarloZ II says:
    because O-Bambi wishes to collapse the system through over-spending…and make big government serve his socialistic agenda.
  2. Carlos says:
    He needs to maintain his voter base.~
  3. vinny_says_relax says:
    Germany isnt Germanys problem, bailing out Greece is Germanys problem.

    The IMF is a joke.

  4. Chupate esa! says:
    First sign the world is turning fascist…
  5. Brian says:
    Pure ideology. I find it odd that so many things that Obama pushes for are bankrupting other countries and he doesn’t seem to care..
  6. Thomas says:
    Because he’s intentionally trying to collapse our system

    Bailing out Greece is our problem, as we fund a large percentage of the IMF

  7. tribeca_belle says:
    Germany is also raising taxes. Should we do that too?

    I don’t know what point you’re trying to make with this comparison but Germany is taking care of its issues and we should attend to ours.

  8. Peace through blinding force says:
    To cause insolvency.
  9. BlackhawksRule! says:
    What Germany does, that has no direct effect on America, has nothing to do with policy within America. There’s NO connection, logical disconnect. Would any American want their president copying the actions of others? I hope not.
  10. Bummyslim says:
    Let me guess? Ok, it is because he is stupid. For all of the people saying there is no connection, you better wake up. The connection is all of the countries mentioned have huge entitlement, socilist, programs that are crushing their economies. And if Obama continues it will happen here. That is the connection!!!!! Just look at California and you can see the effects first hand. Wake Up!
  11. Elle says:
    Germany needs the money to bailout Greece while the US is not in such need. However, I do approve of cutting welfare benefits in the US even thou it wouldn’t do so much to our national deficit because our biggest spending is in the military not on entitlement programs.
  12. Cheer Up says:
    When will liberals see the hand writing on the wall?

    Oh, I forgot. They’re allergic to facts.

  13. gws35 says:
    Because Obama is intentionally destroying the USA so he can force us to surrender our sovereignty to China when he begs them for a bailout, as if that’s our only option.
  14. just common sense says:
    To the rational mind it makes no sense that any leader would implement the very programs that have resulted in the downfall of other Countries. When history *and* current events indicate that a measure is doomed to failure and will bankrupt a Country and the citizens, an astute leader would avoid diving headfirst into such measure(s).

    And, of course, it’s not just the President; to a greater degree, it’s the Congress ~ in many cases, on both sides of the aisle.

    That said, Americans elected a man with z-e-r-o working experience; a man who has apparently never had to worry a moment in his life about how to stretch a dollar. Someone with no hands-on, practical experience canNOT know what the best course of action is in a given situation ~ THAT comes from experience. Our President has none. And neither do a lot of our officials. By their own admission, Nancy Pelosi and Tim Geithner have never worked real jobs; never had to compete for a job. Who believes Rockefeller has ever worked a job or known a moment’s doubt about how he was going to pay the bills? That’s just to name those three; research will tell you who else falls into that category.

    What do children and adolescents do when they truly *believe* something should be a certain way or they should receive a certain thing. Do they not steadfastly pursue their course, believing in their naive little hearts that it will happen BECAUSE they want it to? What changes that behavior in children? Experience – they learn that simply thinking something does not make that something occur.

    From one of the articles cited below: “Magical thinking” is the psychological disorder in which a human believes that a thing will come true because he said it will or because he wishes it would or because of any kind of non-causal, non-rational thinking.”

    From another: “Magical Thinking deludes folks into believing the world is exactly as they hope it to be. defines magical thinking as…“a conviction that thinking is equivalent to doing, occurring in dreams, the thought patterns of children, and some types of mental disorders, esp. obsessive-compulsive disorder.””

    The articles are interesting and offer insight into something that seems to have been affecting our elected officials for quite some time.

    EDIT: Looks as if the U.K. will be following in the steps of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Germany with austerity measures:

  15. Paul Grass®™ says:
    because 0bama is fiscally inept, and he wants to destroy us
  16. GaCowboy says:
    Because what you pay in taxes and you and your kids future mean NOTHING to this narcissistic scum.
    It’s not like he has to use a shovel or swing a hammer all day to earn it.
    A hard days work and a glass of ice water would kill him deader’d hell.

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