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Obama and Unions : if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

its a duck PLEASE READ!!! excerpt … Obamas position on unions is relevant. In an October 27th Wall Street Journal editorial entitled The Election Choice: Unions they state Obama is a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act, a pro-union piece of legislation that would do the following: – Force employees to vote pro or against unionizing on an open ballot, meaning any employee who objected to being unionized would be publically identified and open to intimidation. – Impose mandatory arbitration, meaning after 120 days if a company wouldnt agree to union demands, an arbitrators decision would be final. – Narrow the definition of a manager in order to put a higher percentage of a companys employees under union control. – Make it illegal for a company to hire new employees to replace striking employees. Obama also supports the sinister Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act which will require every city over 5000 in population to negotiate police and firefighter compensation with a national union. For a good look at what that leads to, examine pretty much any city in California – they are all facing insolvency due to the cost of paying their unionized workforces. Because it is common for these folks – before you factor in the real cost of funding their early and generous pension – to make over $100000 per year, and many of them make over $200000 per year. This is simply too much money for these positions – and we can make this assertion and still


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25 Responses to "Obama and Unions : if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…"

  1. EconCat88 says:
    And now what? Hand Wisconsin another billion to hand over to public sector unions?
  2. BigTVideos says:
    Thank for the heads up,
  3. sstruyf89 says:
    @battim will you come with me….and break bread with me.?? what do you prefer chicken from kfc or Mcdonalds chickns
  4. battim says:
    well enjoy them.
  5. sstruyf89 says:
    @battim i dunno. iike em too. wanna get some mcnuggets on sunday..
  6. battim says:
    i do indeed, why?
  7. sstruyf89 says:
    @battim dude do you like chicken waangs??
  8. IronCrue3 says:
    “the only one eating bicuits are those with blind faith.”

    Isn’t all faith technically blind faith?

  9. faehnstah says:
    you look like an angel…black angel….
    faehnstah belongs to white angels
  10. battim says:
    in recent years, i’d love to see those numbers
  11. battim says:
    thanks beacham, but logic alludes presabitz
  12. mrbeacham says:
    Stop being stupid. You just affirmed his point and insulted him in the same comment. The ignorant tool is you, sir.
  13. battim says:
    I was advocating for a secret ballot…did you watch the vlog? Union bosses and companies alike manipulate union labor for their own goals…your logic on having courage for open balotting is what stalin said too
  14. presablitz says:
    If you were a union worker and you had any balls whatsoever you would vote how you see fit regardless of what anyone else thinks. The secret ballot is meant to protect union voters from being cooerced by there employers. Battim you are an ignorant tool, go get involved with a union and find out what’s really going on because you clearly don’t have a clue.
  15. pulppeeler says:
    intrinsic is far too big a word for me to comp reee hend. you still never said that employees have the right to choose a secret ballot…rather then let the corporation decide. of course, corporations never coerce employees i suppose.
  16. pulppeeler says:
    communism, marxism…whatever, thats old hack too, scare tactics…what do you mean employees take no financial risk? look at the numbers who have lost jobs in the effort to form a union.
  17. battim says:
    Employees take no financial rsikl. You are ignoring property rights. An owner pf property has rights to. Even the playing felid? Marxism doesn’t woprk but nice try. Open ballot dpont level anything…lol. obvipsuly you’ve never put up your own risk and then have a group of folks you are paying to run the busioness. Marxism is dead and so are your ideals
  18. battim says:
    You don’t understand the intrinsic value of a private ballot….its like privacy rights…it not a chpice to be decided by the tyranny of a majority…its. as human rights are defined an individual right….to avoid coersion. So let allow unions to violate basic human rights for their own gain…huh?
  19. pulppeeler says:
    im not in a union, and its sickening to hear all the parrots repeating bill o with the kool aid crap. i never insulted, just stated facts. apparently you’ve never dealt with trying to organize a workplace. why is ok for the employer to make the decisions, and not the employee? it’s time to level the playing field
  20. battim says:
    There should no choice invloved with privacy and polling…lol. you just don’t get it. Private balloting is a right…not a choice. Union kool aid taste good?
  21. pulppeeler says:
    the efca DOES NOT take away the right to a secret ballot. It gives employees another choice and puts the power in workers hands. The employees still have the choice to secret ballot, but it adds the choice to a card check if they choose. This is to thwart employer intimidation, buyoffs, and stalling tactics routinely used by business
  22. moderatesunited says:
    Well the more education you have generally the less likely you are to believe in things that are false. Free trade support increases as do other easily proved economic ideas with the number years you’ve had in school.

    Weighted voting by education level would work. Though this already occurs by itself naturally. Poor people don’t vote, rich people (whose time is more valuable) vote in much higher numbers. Get out the vote campaigns are dangerous as the people who usually don’t vote know nothing.

  23. jfleshdprop says:
    You look 10 years younger.
  24. battim says:
    simply because one is the best candidate for a party doesnt make them the best candidate for president. duh.

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