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Obama, Foreclosuregate and Lyndon LaRouche!

Video about my views on Lyndon LaRouche’s assessment of Obama as being a failed personality. I also discuss Obama’s failure as stimulus-in-chief, the foreclosure crisis and the current economic environment. Up to 40 states plan inquiry into foreclosure data


  1. Why doesn’t Obama (or his supporters) acknowledge we’ve reached UNSUSTAINABLE levels of spending? Insolvency = More expenses than the U.S. federal govt. has money to pay In this 60 Minutes interview from 2007...

  2. Why do Obama supporters completely disregard the fact that the U.S. is VERY near insolvency? Insolvency = More expenses than the U.S. federal govt. has money to pay In this 60 Minutes interview from 2007...

  3. Why is Obama Exactly Like George W Bush in Every Way? Except for a few minor details. I’m sure you’ve seen this list before. But facts are facts, and they don’t...

  4. Earn Big Money & Help People Find What’s Hidden In Obama’s Stimulus. Revealed: Little-known Government Programs That Have Billions Of Dollars They Must Give Away? Includes: Free Cash For Individuals, Housing, Businesses,...

  5. Obama To Push Help For Mortgage Refinancing Seeking to circumvent congressional opposition, President Obama will promote a series of executive branch steps aimed at jumpstarting the...

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25 Responses to "Obama, Foreclosuregate and Lyndon LaRouche!"

  1. SpookeyR says:
    @lost: The man in the woods IS the brain-dead idiot wearing the tinfoil hat!
  2. SpookeyR says:
    @rich: …Walmart is THE WORST retailer in the entire United States!! They are, effectively, the anti-Christ of the retail industry, what with the way that they support the buying of products made in China and their support for illegal immigration!

    Try watching “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices”. If you shop at Walmart then you hate America.

  3. SpookeyR says:
    @lost: The man in the woods IS the brain-idiot wearing the tinfoil hat!
  4. SpookeyR says:
    @bill: The Stimulus helped the economy from getting worse! The bailout’s did the exact same thing, keeping millions of ppl employed!

    You and this politically ignorant fool deserve one another. This guy looks familiar; he really does look like one of the blacks from Birth Of A Nation, where the KKK were seen as saviors of white womenhood and, in that movie, there were black ppl that helped them evade the federal authorities.

  5. billmeradeia says:
    Well done sir. I am a white American, and you are more my brother than Barak Obama or George Bush ever could be.
  6. Coventry27 says:
    Demcad…I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but my man….you have hit the proverbial nail on its head! First off, I’m GLAD to see that you’re black (or African-American), intelligent, and articulate! Besides our black brothers and sisters; whites, “baggers”, obama zombies, and the like need to hear what you have to say. The majority of this country still acquiesce to “NObamaism.” I agree with LaRouche, and I’m subscribing to your channel posthaste!
  7. drone8888 says:
    Nice breakdown. LaRouche could probably win the 2016 election, but the foundation needs to be laid on their terms, before we can shift this ponzi scheme, hierarchical inbred progeny demon parade into the pits of hell, and return to the republic we were supposed to be. Then, we can have sovereignty and true freedom. ZERO goverment intrusion = peace. Then we can work on sharing with the world. madpeace
  8. BrainChild666 says:
    Hitler Killed himself? I thought he escaped to NewShwaben Land in the antarctic?
  9. khadijahanwar says:
    Be for real… George Bush daddy and son…Pres. OBAMA and all the rest of the DAMN presidents are just FIGUREHEADS NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS they are functionary puppets for the Goldman SAKS, Chase, Builderberg group!! America is a CORPORATION and Barack OBAMA IS just the Exec Director implimenting what the BOARD WANTS
  10. lostbuffalo says:
    I- The man in the tinfoil hat take a bow to the wise man in the woods
  11. hotheadedjoelhaha says:
    Well if we dont replace Obama, it is Good bye U.S.A.
  12. richco7773 says:
    Stop buying Exon, Mobile and Shell gasoline and stop driving one day a week. Limit purchases at Walmart and tell them you want American goods. Pass these suggestion on to your friends and we can hurt the globalist.
  13. deb1926 says:
    Yes sir,on the button.
  14. penguinistas says:
    I’d call Obama a fascist, as evidenced by the exponential growth of his draconian executive orders, his numerous unelected and unaccountable Czars, his shredding of the US constitution, and Obama’s circumventing congress to go to war with Libya.

    It’s pretty clear that Obama wants to be an American Gaddafi.

  15. gosciu555 says:
    Larouche people have become some sort of personality cult. Its not as bad as they say but even Tarpley sees them in this light. Tarpley is by far more credible than LLR.
  16. william0873 says:
    I like Lyndon Larouche, I wish he n Ron Paul would get together be elected president n vice president. LaRouche is even more open than Ron about how the feds are screwing the states n the people. I think our only hope at getting good fed gov though is by putting pressure on all of our state govs to put the feds in their place. Besides if enough states were to be pushed into secession the fed wouldn’t have many toys to use against us. Hopefully it won’t eve come to that though, again
  17. WNxShisno says:
    Yes, he’s on the mark. Even as a hardcore Libertarian (mostly), I see LaRouche’s ideas and policies as largely sound. Including his take on Obama’s personality. I mean, the guy can’t find a TV promo he doesn’t like. Mythbusters, The Daily Show… what’s next? Saturday morning cartoons?
  18. Habakkuk2v20 says:
    I agree with LaRouche’s assessment of Obama. LaRouche may have his own issues, but he’s RIGHT about the president and current situation. I agree with you that there is no one else who is not a puppet with whom we could replace Obama. I would not go with LaRouche himself as a replacement (which I’ve never heard discussed), but instead go with, perhaps, some of those who are calling out the problems with Goldman Sachs etc. Far fetched, but maybe Ed Griffin Tarpley or G Edward Griffin’s crowd?
  19. AceOfHeart2012 says:
    The money hasn’t been lost. Somebody has the money. Find the money, get it back to the people and lock up the thieves.
  20. punkempireinterviews says:
    I like you man. You’re my friend.
  21. realdrummer110 says:
    @charlesfuchs Good. Store up that food and water and supplies .. me and a couple of army buddies will be by and just take them from you like candy rom a baby when you are so tired from sleep deprivation..LOL…
  22. ClintfromNYtoVA says:
    @ClintfromNYtoVA sorry I was typing in the dark and there is no ‘cido’ response, however there is a video response describing what should have been as opposed to the bailout if congress were truly interested in representing the people as opposed to doing the will of the banks.
    Obama could be a big hero but we will need a Signed VETO of HR3808. Think how bad they made Obama look with HAMP (Federal homeowner assistance program) put his name to this mod scam accelerating foreclosures.
  23. ClintfromNYtoVA says:
    I have been following this story for a couple years now. LaRouche was the only one who attempted to pass a bill that would prevent foreclosures from accelerating and protect homeowners and also the banks interests and ultimately save the US from further economic damage.

    Instead Pelosi and Frank blocked his efforts at legislation because the current foreclosure racketeering between banks and foreclosure mill law firms was all planned and is now evident…

    Banks + Law Firms =RICO FRAUD.

  24. ClintfromNYtoVA says:
    This after the bill had gained momentum with many state reps. This displays the choke hold the banks have on Congress and the Federal Government.
    Please watch this video on LaRouche’s solution (H.B.P.A.) from February 2009 I posted as a cido response.
    This explains why Obama probably wont be the hero as he could have outright vetoed HR3808 which is the bill we must watch like a hawk now for the revisions coming in days.
    Please also see youtube channel ChaseClassAction2010
  25. prettylyricsmarie says:
    the nature setting behind you is beautiful…I think regardless of who is president, things would be bad economically…the cycle has already been set and its all towards a economic depression…so…just have to prepare for it…

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