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Obama Grabs His Ankles For Wall St-Gate Keeper Matt Taibbi Covers

Gate Keeping sumbag Matt Taibbi talks about laying the blame on Obama and his administration for the criminal activity that is going on Wall St as this clueless idiot from the Financial Times tries to put the blame on the Bush..Understand Bush- Obama they are just puppets to the global elite..Lay the blame on Rothschild-Rockefeller-Soros-George Schultz and the rest of them . Matt Taibbi Ron Paul Barack Obama Wall Street Bailout new world order global financial crisis alex jones president bush illuminati credit money freemason Commentary Analysis Documentary George Bush David Rockerfeller Rush Limbaugh O’Reilly Lou Dobbs Fox Business CNBC Reports Madoff scandal fraud street Ponzi scheme federal reserve dollar economy economic collapse CNN auto industry car bankruptcy decline crash wall stock market bailout jim rogers max keiser NWO


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25 Responses to "Obama Grabs His Ankles For Wall St-Gate Keeper Matt Taibbi Covers"

  1. ScottBrown666 says:
    @HowardTLewisIII Why do you have to be so stupid? I don’t even know if I disagree with your point, but your comment is dumb. Just stupid dumb.
  2. ScottBrown666 says:
    @boethius27 Peter Schiff is an abject moron, and Ron Paul is as correct as a broken clock.
  3. HowardTLewisIII says:
    Obama grabs his ankles for damn near anybody. For a clue, look at all the scars on the back of his head. Combine that with a probable prefrontal lobotomy and the picture becomes clear.
  4. plbhl says:
    All this class warfare BS will get us nowhere, nor will academic debates about capitalism vs socialism. Look at what we ACTUALLY ARE…a free market BASED economy with mechanisms in place for regulation and government based intervention. It’s a balance, not all one or the other. The fact is, we have a government that taxes us and spends the money. BOTH conservatives and progressives participate in that system, they just differ on who should get the money and for what reason.
  5. breeannaqktjbl says:
    Free Energy is real and its here! The Oil companies are doing everything they can to stop this

    information. If you want a Free energy machine , get the blueprints at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM , Join the


  6. poopstreek says:
    HAHAHA! That chick thinks what we have a choice! She thinks something actually “changed!”
  7. centurion180ad says:
    Parsing over the 2 groups is NONSENSE. Its an argument in the Puppet House, over the proper methodology to plunder a nation and destroy an economy. The focus must be on how quickly these criminals may be arrested, their documents seized and a full capital prosecution brought to bear.
  8. forandaft1 says:
  9. DirtyVegas7 says:
    I’ll said it before and I’ll say it again. Obama is a house negro in a nice suit that gives a great speech. I’m still waiting to see any sort of positive change because what I’ve seen is negative changes so far.. And you will pay a political price for this Obama in the black community come 2012 because we are watching very closely.
  10. russkeller says:
    @cameron6136 Actually it is Socialism Just Corporate Socialism not Populist Socialism.

    The People got sold a Monkey’s Paw.

  11. cameron6136 says:
    Capitalism survives because socialism bails it out.
  12. CantoraMask says:
    The only reason the mark re-regulates itself is because the central banks control inflation. When you cause an economic crisis by selling out to people who can’t pay and then calling in tight debts, it’s very easy to print some more money (which has no physical backing) to “bail” out the people you have screwed up in the first place, then when inflation hits, increase the rates. This then “self regulates” the market. This is a bit of a scam.
  13. genius2005 says:
    Obama will go down in flames as the worse president in history for selling out the people to scum like Goldman Sucks and JP Morgan.

    It’s a shame, I was hoping for better from Obama.

  14. tooclassy4most says:
    what do you base your assumption that “he market does self regulate, and it does fix itself, if you allow it to” if it was over 100 years ago that we had a truly free market? 100 years ago commerce existed on maybe 1/1000 of the scale it does now, so you have absolutely no idea how a globalized market would respond if it were truly “free”. there are no examples of any economy anywhere which supports your lame thesis.
  15. Bilakaifa says:
    This guy is an idiot, but at least he has enough brain to make the connection between wallstreet and the government.
    Problem is, the market does self regulate, and it does fix itself, if you allow it to. Unfortunately, last time we had a free market or anything even close was like over 100 years ago before all the central economic planning and central banks.
    As long as there are regulations, and license requirements, you have no free market. It is a managed market, aka socialism or fascism.
  16. YankeeClippa says:
    Matt Taibbi is trying but he’s not even tuff enuff! Everyone you see here is Bought and Paid for… Ratigan acts like he’s outraged but all he does is debate.. never takes a stand.. They are ALL CRIMINALS AND WE’RE ABOUT A QUADRILLION SHORT OF GETTING OUTA THIS! GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, DOLLAR COLLAPSE ARE ALL COMIN’ SOON TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU! Then this Criminal Fascist Gov’t will spark an incident with Iran or Venezuela or both! I’m guess a Chavez related False Flag comin soon
  17. EMPIRE0FLIES says:
    They knew the dollar was going down in flames. They stole from the poor to feed the rich. Plain and simple.
  18. scottrex33 says:
    Never forget that just a few months ago this man said tea baggers. He said any talk of corruption was just “conspiracy theory”. He is a lier and don’t let him hi-jack your revolution.
  19. VictoryCough says:
    Foreign policy and monetary policy never change. And they prop each other up.
  20. nobodysfool67 says:
    The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank Are:
    1. Rothschild’s of London and Berlin
    2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
    3. Israel Moses Seif of Italy
    4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
    5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany
    6. Lehman Brothers of New York
    7. Goldman, Sachs of New York
    8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York
  21. rh7onda7 says:

    this is really creepy – (for me) this video sticks at 9:11

    this is twice now

    anyone else?

  22. jobrien2001 says:
    you are a front for political cheer leading.
  23. LiberalHuntingSeason says:
  24. jakedevon says:
    MSMBC is just a front for republican talking points.
  25. Bronnster says:
    I feel sorry for the female who had to play the “Devil’s advocate” during this.
    Nonetheless, we all know who the thief’s are and how they did and are doing the thievery, now what? Enough with the exposure of the problem, time for the exposure of a solution. Fire Bernanke and Geitner, Remove all corporate Lobbyists, use the remaining TARP fund for bailing out Main street (small business, employment, social programs, Housing, etc), and END THE FED.

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