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Occupy, A generation crying out for change!

Introduction to the book Occupy, A generation crying out for change. available at The Occupy Wall Street movement came out of a dissatisfaction with the way business has been done in our country. People have become angered over greed, corruption, and dishonesty both in the work place and in government. People have gathered together not only at Wall Street but around the world, demanding that governments change the way they are doing things. The people of Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements across the globe are asking that the distribution of wealth be equal to all, asking that corruption leave politics, and that the common man would get a fair shake in this world. It seems that there is a mistrust in any politician or big businessman who has become rich off the sweat of the hard working people they have under them. The Occupy movement has also asked that there be reform, not only in business practices but reform in government taxes and an equality in representation of both the poor and the rich. The heart of the people is crying out for a forgiveness of debt and or at least debt relief, for they have not to give to cease the calls of the bill collectors or ever increasing fees that make things impossible to ever pay off. They are also pleading with the government to start creating new jobs for them and not just go deeper into debt saving their own jobs by sending out tax relief money to government workers, while the 17 million people out of


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