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Occupy Minneapolis Forms Human Chain to Defend Foreclosed Home, Police Retreat

November 19th, 2011: Occupy Minneapolis encountered a bit more resistance from the authorities on day one of #Operation Occupy Southside than expected. Following two arrests and an incident in which a police officer tried to run down an occupier with a squad car, Occupy Minneapolis formed a human chain around Sa’ra Kaiser’s foreclosed home, preventing the officers from boarding it up, and ultimately forcing the police – who had no legitimate legal pretense for preventing occupiers from being their in the first place – to give up and leave.

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25 Responses to "Occupy Minneapolis Forms Human Chain to Defend Foreclosed Home, Police Retreat"

  1. sailumfaulkner says:
    Given a choice between being a Socialist, or licking the jack boot of the bank of Tel- A Lie. ?
  2. OccupyMNTV says:
    @Mesmyle Just to clarify, the squad car was parked and unmoving when he stepped in front of it. The officer deliberately drove into him. Oddly enough, the officer driving had plenty of space to simply back up and leave, which is actually what he ended up doing after being reprimanded by another officer.
  3. Mesmyle says:
    “They’re running over Devon.” Ummmmmm……pretty sure if you are dumb enough to stand in front of a car, you probably don’t realize a simple fact: let me educate you. When you stand in front of a moving vehicle, you will get run over. The end.
  4. ElTurbinado says:
    Instead of actually *helping* Sara reclaim her home, they take the easy way out and simply stand around feeling good until the police (who are not associated with the bank in the least – conspiracy theories aside, of course) remove them by force, wasting taxpayer resources by tying up police in a situation that inevitably would still end with a foreclosed house.
  5. ElTurbinado says:
    Instead of actually *helping* Sara reclaim her home, they take the easy way out and simply stand around feeling good until the police remove them by force, wasting taxpayer resources by tying up police in a situation that inevitably would still end with a foreclosed house.
  6. ElTurbinado says:
    What did these guys expect to accomplish? The police aren’t the ones that decide to foreclose a home. The article states that “Occupy Minnesota wants to help Kaiser reclaim her home”. A more effective and neighbor-friendly solution would have been to help Sara pay her mortgage, perhaps also petitioning Minnesota universities to pay their professors enough to cover their mortgage payments.
  7. epiqkon1 says:
    @thematthewgore Alright, lets clear some things up real quick. I was not for the bailouts. However, they are actually making the government money. But, are you actually saying that all home loans should be bailed out too?!? Nonsense. I agree that it is like socialism, but you don’t move away from socialism by doing more socialistic acts. Do you know what it’s called when you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? Insanity.
  8. TheMatthewGore says:
    @epiqkon1 hey how come banks that needed bailouts to survive, are allowed to foreclose homes…please explain that to me…They were given handouts…and for all the people spouting the ‘socialism’ buzzword, bailouts are the only example of socialism ive seen in this country
  9. epiqkon1 says:
    @gab1159 You can’t be serious.  Look at stats. This is not one crazy maltov guy. Look at the sexual assults, drug peddling and usage, property damage, ect. Come on now, I know you’re not really trying to say it is a isolated incident!? Look at this video. Why stand in front of the cop car and thus break the law? I would be more inclined to listen if the people I see all the time involved didn’t give off the aura of pissed off, entitlement driven, middle class babies. Just my opinion.
  10. gab1159 says:

    What is one crazy cocktail molotov guy in a multi million people protest?

    I think you are forgetting that 99% of the OWS people are peaceful. Let me remind you…

  11. Antikythera420 says:
    I’m kind of a cynical bastard. This made me mist up all verklempt. Thank you Occupiers.
  12. epiqkon1 says:
    If you need to break the law, like stand in front of a cop car, you have no real argument. If you can obey the law while peaceably assembling, I will listen to what you have to say, no matter how crazy I think it is. But if you must, like some occupy wall street-ers, threaten to throw maltov cocktails through Macy’s, or think that someone can make a contractual agreement and not follow through but still get to keep their home, I probably don’t want the same country you do anyways.
  13. epiqkon1 says:
    Cont. But it’s nobody’s right to force me into it. Also, I believe in many of the same results that many occupiers want, but do not believe the path to change is the same. I believe in less government. Also many things I’ve heard from occupiers would crush the economy in my opinion. I see the stats of violence, rapes, property damage, and it makes it tough to think they should be taken seriously.
  14. epiqkon1 says:
    @billweir1745 Be careful when you say nobody bud. I appreciate that you don’t, but many people do. And if there it’s not lumping why the 99% vs the 1% talk. I guess I have never seen why it is the wealthier people who are obligated to pay a higher percentage or redistribute their wealth. If they want to, great. I completely believe that as being a better off person myself, it is my personal priviledge to help those in need.
  15. epiqkon1 says:
    @gro14 Your response is taken, but I think you’re a fool. As I’m sure you think I am. That’s one of the beautiful things about this country. Please though enlightened one spread some of your knowledge on me. I mean I’ve heard things stated as facts by the OWS people like “the top 1% in our country pay no taxes” or “President Obama is against wall street and for the people.” If these are the types of facts that I need to learn…..keep them. I don’t need false propaganda spewed to me.
  16. grrlinduluth says:
    hey mn citizens and i got a whole book of names-you citizens took my house not the banks or wallstreet-convincing me to join your BS groups and still to this day all the way up in duluth i have landlords doing the same with thelocals playing going in my house threat games ect and have neverv to SAY THE BANKS are doing this to me-sorry not to be on the wealthy side but you citizens(and if you got paid to do it you are still human garbage)are more damaging than the big wigs-heybanks want names?
  17. grrlinduluth says:
    hey mn-remeber tom petters and a few others of your own before you snitched(or coincidently Madolf was busted right after)know the difference-madoff told the truth your OWN MN kind BSs and snitches and blames every other person and countries and your courts take how many years of drama BS…..both sides kept me out of work,tortured me and my pets just to play or join a side of the MN cover up groups-why dont you protest that-clean your own state out american shame POSes
  18. gro14 says:
    @epiqkon1 anyone else need to share their ignorance in exchange for some basic reality 101 lessons? that’s why this movement comes with a library! so ppl can learn truth before talking bad about themselves… (the 99%). The shame my friend… is that americans like you add fire to the flame by being so ignorant with such uneducated criticism and selfishness. Like it or not, you are stilll the 99%. THANKS FOR THE VID! Help this movement!!
  19. OccupyMNTV says:
    @epiqkon1 Were I lacking a conscience, I could easily leave the country I love behind and live a better life for myself and only myself elsewhere. That said, I’m not willing to sit back and watch the United States continue to be plundered by an oligarchy that’s abandoned the will of the people.
  20. billweir1745 says:
    @epiqkon1 Understood. But nobody is lumping everyone who is wealthy into the same category. There are actually wealthy people who are backing this movement.
  21. epiqkon1 says:
    My brother and I have both gone from poverty to making a good life for ourself. Hard work, education, informed decisions, and a never give up attitude. We are your everyday poor kids who refused that for our lives. If we can change it, anybody can. You can complain about a bad hand you were dealt and give up, our you can accept it and do what you can to change it.
  22. epiqkon1 says:
    Cont. There are people who abuse the system who are wealthy, but there are people who abuse the system who are poor. To lump anybody who makes good money in with those who abuse the system is messed up. Just like I know many people on welfare who abuse the system, but because of that I do not say that anyone on welfare is lazy and abuses the system. There are people that who have just flat run into tough times. But if I’m going through a tough time, still I’m not owed anything.
  23. epiqkon1 says:
    Cont…. The system is imperfect obviously, but every system will be whenever people are involved. I’ve talked with many people in and supporting the occupy movement.  The impression I get from the majority is that they are owed something. My opinion is you are owed nothing. If you don’t like the life you have, change it. Go to school, work really hard and earn what you feel is owed. I am very much the part of the 99% but the 1% owes me nothing.
  24. epiqkon1 says:
    @billweir1745 I was not at all trying to say she didn’t have a job. The fact is that she could not pay her bills for whatever reason. The fact also is that when failing to pay your bills, you lose whatever you put up for collateral on the loan, in this case the house. My point us merely that these people chanting seem to think that somehow the banks owe her the house. It’s simply ludicrous to me. Also, if this country is such a shithole already……leave. Go find a country that is better
  25. billweir1745 says:
    It sucks that just because it doesn’t directly involve some of you, you just don’t care. But if it did, i would surely bet you would be singing a very different note…

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