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Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Austin, Protestors at City Hall, Anonymous, Class Warfare & Greed Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Austin, Anonymous Fighters Protest Class Warfare Has corporate greed gone too far? Does money play too large a role in politics? This is the Occupy protest held in Austin, Texas. Visit This video was produced by Psychetruth http © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Occupy “occupy wall street” “Wall Street” “wall st” “occupy Austin” anonymous fighters protest “class warfare” corruption greed money politics corporations “ron paul” “tea party” government revolution “Austin Texas” wealth foreclosure banks “federal reserve”


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25 Responses to "Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Austin, Protestors at City Hall, Anonymous, Class Warfare & Greed"

  1. WeAreYouAndYouAreUs says:
    occupy your mind
  2. Rededify says:
    @sadieaugust you’re an idiot. Giving free money away wound only make matters worse. It would cause massive inflation and would drive the value of the dollar into the ground.
  3. sadieaugust says:
    Occupiers have wasted weeks on nonsense when all the time they should have been protesting their wasted tax dollars and the fact that they should have been made a millionaire. Out of all the trillions Obama put the country in debt, he could have given every American 1 million dollars and made every American a millionaire and jump started the economy like it has never been done in history. Everyone would have been happy paying off their debts and buying whatever they needed.
  4. sadieaugust says:
    Obama sucks, his first two years he had complete Democrat support from the house and senate but he did nothing but got our country in debt. Obama is a zero president. Clinton was a big success because he worked with both the Republicans and Democrats. Obama doesn’t want to work with anyone who is against destroying our country. Obama would have been a loved president had he taken 3 trillion dollars and made every American a millionaire.
  5. 2ndSamuel710 says:
    See Patricia McAllister’s web site:… “Zionist Jew Fed” Fired from LA School district for telling the truth.. Telling the truth is a powerful revolutionary act.. Being fired makes it self evident truth..
  6. FreeMarketCap says:
    So will you guys be hurting the elderly and children like Occupy DC did to the “Defending the American Dream Summit” at the Washington Center on Friday, November 4th.
  7. bluemamie says:
    @righttoright1 So was the Tea Party. I guess it’s just a matter of what freak show you prefer.
  8. DJMartin68 says:
    Personally I am less concerned about “corporate greed” per se and more concerned about regulatory capture and the collusion of big corporations with public institutions. There needs to be a better system to avoid conflicts of interest in government. For example, when people bounce between the Treasury department and large financial institutions (ex. Goldman Sachs) there is an inherent conflict of interest even if there is no actual conspiracy. This is not confined to the financial industry.
  9. jokerisnomak says:
    @sinnersavedbygrace7 you are truly delusional….what is this 60′s, we are NOT fighting Capitalism we are fighting FOR Capitalism against Corporatism/Plutocracy
  10. kopellhinex says:
    — spread the message around the world —

    its time to avenge the oppressed soul of this world. let us all unite against EVIL WORK of BANKS & DRUGLORDS.

    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS has NO SOULS they belong to satan. they are serious to slave us all to death.


    —- copy & paste WE ARE THE 99% FREEMAN —-

  11. dmging says:
    I am all in favor for the cause but…dirty, neo hippies wearing tye dye T – shirts. “the times do NEED a’changing” There have been marvelous advances in clothing and music in the past sixty years. ONE of the many reasons you’re not able to be taken seriously. It’s embarrassing really. Stop forcing your kids wear these outdated symbols of “protest”.
  12. ChulaKirby says:
    I never have once had the Federal Government tell me the Federal Reserve was the Federal Government nor have seen them tell others. That is what kids do when they see the term Federal in front of it.
  13. edarotag84 says:
    @ChulaKirby Okay, I see, you are awake, and you are right, most people believe everything the government tells them.
  14. ChulaKirby says:
    @edarotag84 And neither one ever claimed to be the Federal Government but yet some uneducated people thought the Federal Reserve was the Federal Government. That isn’t the Federal Reserve’s fault. It’s funny to what Alex Jones unmask the great secret when it isn’t a great secret at all. The Federal Reserve says they aren’t the Federal Government although the Federal Government does mandate by law certain responsibilities to them.
  15. edarotag84 says:
    @ChulaKirby i think you may be the only person that I’ve seen to try and out think something simple, I was saying that FedEx is as federal as the federal reserve, which is both of them have nothing to do with the federal government……
  16. ChulaKirby says:
    ROFL..I know the Federal reserve is not the federal government. I also know federal express is not the federal government. If people weren’t so stupid they would have known this all this time. But federal express isn’t responsible or part of some grand conspiracy to hide that they aren’t the federal government. LoL Anyone who has ever read the federal reserve’s documents and statements know they don’t claim to be the federal government. How is federal express responsible for people’s ignorance?
  17. edarotag84 says:
    @ChulaKirby correct, and neither is the federal reserve, it’s a Private cartel of banks, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Deutcha Bank, UBS just to name a few, go by any federal reserve and ask them if they are part of our government or if they are a private company, ask them if any federal employees work there, ask them if their building is on federal property or private property, cause I was told on air by a Police Officer that it was private property.
  18. ChulaKirby says:
    Federal express isn’t federal?
  19. ChulaKirby says:
    Funny how they pushed Obama and change. WE tried to tell them they were gonna get screwed. What happened. They got screwed and are now protesting. They ought to look at themselves and their screwed up thinking instead of writing and peeing on walk ways and calling for a socialist and communist revolution.
  20. m3RacerBitch says:
    What a bunch of lazy BUMS!
  21. vechorik says:
    Judge Napolitano “Letter to those on Occupy Wall Street”

    awesome look at recent history, Tea Party, government intervention, and both sides of the political spectrum today:

    He suggested common goals:

    End the Fed

    End the wars

    End the income tax


  22. TheOmegaeyes says:
    @scivanpoon Exactly, I didn’t forget the monetary system it’s in there :-)
  23. scivanpoon says:

    Don’t forget end the money system, and end the slavery! Cheers!

  24. TheOmegaeyes says:
    Now’s the time to really consider something like The Venus Project, END THE FED, END every ism that exists, capitalism, communism, FALSE patriotism, corporatism, ect. and ABOLISH the monetary system that has corrupted mankind and been the motive for greed and mass murder for aeons. No democrats no repulicans just HUMAN BEINGS. END POLITICS FOR GOOD!!
  25. jonz23m says:
    @sinnersavedbygrace7 so if u dont want corporations to bribe politicians ur a communist. I bet banks who get bailed out to buy politicians with that money are capitalist and corporations like mc donalds who got 0% interest loans from the fed too lol. Its crazy how empty those ism words became after gettin abused over and over again. If politicians are bought or lets say “employed” by those who pay their contributions does it make sense to protest the employee or the employer?

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