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Brian came to us owing a whopping $35000.00 to the IRS plus he had not filed his tax returns in over 5 years and to make matters worse, received a garnishment letter from the IRS. Believe it or not, this is how most of our clients come to us. Talk about getting hit by all directions from the IRS. Let’s see how it all turned out for Brian and the offer in compromise program otherwise known as OIC


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  1. madmyx11 says:
    just keep doing that every five years and your gonna save a bundle. Thanks for letting everyone in on how to fuck the gov out of your tax money… lol love it
  2. lawlzmetoo says:
    best vid evarrrr!!!
  3. 905BigT says:
    Can’t wait for your next vid. This was great XD
  4. GamertvYaY says:
    subbed and liked! This was a great vid!!!!!
  5. tmbplink4 says:
    can u make more please??!!!!!
  6. teasrforgod05 says:
    i can watch this a hundred times
  7. justWorkingOnes says:
    subbed! this was great
  8. morningl1ght says:
    make more please!
  9. GetYourHeartPWNEDYea says:
    i really loved it, hope your vids get really famous!!
  10. filmsmarvel4 says:
    wow incredible
  11. TheSuperflyboi says:
    this is so great
  12. GnoccolinoCich says:
    this is so great
  13. oneday9931 says:
    well done
  14. thesecondraw018 says:
    make more this is great
  15. gorilayomis says:
    loved it
  16. Rasshan1108 says:
  17. knowmeasur10 says:
  18. UnboundBP says:
    liked liked liked
  19. LianneLindie says:
    awesome loved it
  20. thesecondraw011 says:
  21. drk31331 says:
    make more vids like this. i love it!
  22. TheMegaBum says:
    cool video, i really like it::) keep it up!
  23. FreeStepSpace says:
    well done i subbed
  24. jarvisvy7 says:
    ur vids are going to make it big, i can tell
  25. afldark123 says:
    amazing video

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